The BBC cutting Late Junction is a blow for experimental music

"The slightly woolly promise of a Late Junction replacement in the form of “a new classical music programme designed for late-night listening” summons up visions of snore-inducing Spotify playlists featuring artists like the tasteful yet bland Nils Frahm."

1. Nils Frahm isn't bland. Bland is an insult. He's one of the most pioneering musicians of the last ten years and the reason shows like Maryanne Hobbs 6Music broadcast was so successful.
2. Sorry, but Luke Turner, who also writes for the Quietus, otherwise he's a discredited imbecile, doesn't from this article know what experimental is.
3. Experimental doesn't mean "vague, more artists, more noise, more variety", experimental means a consolidation of conscious tropes of a genre and expanding to somewhere new.
4. Therefore, this article's premise is good, but he goes about it arse about tit.
5. Shoddy journalism.

Trying not to be "critical manic depressive", Late Junction has awesome music and precedent. I loved some of the flute marimba and bagpipe music I jeard from Anne-Hilde Neset of Wire. 

It is a timed freestyle show. It is, too, a goldmine. As was Fabio & Grooverider on Radio One for many years late at night, respectively replaced by Friction, but that threw me off balance. Once a show is assumed by directors to have reached critical mass, support drains out of the watermelon of structure. The fundamentals are erased. It doesn't take risks any more. 

The only upside of a late night Classic FM style experimentally deeper style than Classic FM easier listening show is Late Junction is on R3.

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