NEWS Jan St. Werner (think he's in Mouse On Mars) - Fiepblatter series

"Glottal Wolpertinger", which I think translates to something like "wall of sound/frequencies" in German dialect, is a Ambient light expèrimental drone collage of functionally abridged exercises in hertz. 

It can be a struggle relying on one instrument to excite audiences. Werner counters this killjoy assertion by deft editing techniques and painting oceans in just a few drops of residue. Starting each track with a brief explanation of the frequencies used, each track then walks adjacently well a trodden path in distilled modular continuum. The oscillations make for repeated listening...for me, I originally looped this Thrill Jockey album over eight hours straight. It definitely has a lulling quality as such, but also a semblance of great rapture.

Fundamentally affixed to the semblance of synthesis available from musical devices, this isn't coffeehouse listening, so fasten yourself to the laughing gas and maybe even strap yourself to the generator while you're at it. Sparks may fly. A particularly finessed part of the record is its melting pot of technology textures and riveting, harmonic register. Playing without the desire for discord - dissonance, yes, but not the desire to mess with your head too much- caveats a good, successful attempt to emulate musique concrete pioneers like Daphne Oram and Elaine Radigue.

Once I get press linkage approval anyway.
Thanks to Matt of Thrill Jockey for this. 
He notes it's for fans of Oram and Radigue.

If you like, look out for the full review of this finished up for within a week

What up, subvert centralites. You continue to amaze me with your positivity, talkative natures in threads and support against terrorism.

Maybe tomorrow you'll have learned how to change a lightbulb.

Statto dear friend, what's yer latest thoughts on this music? The record is out now. Audio links above.

I quite like this Bluesmiley

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