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I have bought Knowledge Mag semi-regularly - up until 2003 or 2004 (starting in 1999). Gosh, that's already 20 years ago... anyway
They were quite open regarding their mix-CDs and had lots of tyles covered - and every now and then a subvert-esque Mix was also featured.

Some kind sould put those up on youtube, which makes a good (nostalgic) listen

I'll start with the legendary "Genre Pollination" - Streetbeats CD - which I happen to still own. Great thing :Smile

Was Knowledge CD 23

Music critic for the Tally Ho

Good stuff firefinga. Back itd, all I really remember was Bassbin Rohan mix, which really caught my ears; something from D-Bridge (still in my library) and a lost dubs CD from Klute that's in storage somewhere. The Klute mix ended with "Meditation" by BCUK & Noisia - Klute was as much a fan of techstep and neurofunk as drumfunk and rollidge (see "Defunct Drums Depression Decade on Offshore).

In fact, I might have had an Offshore mix for Knowledge in my library, will have to check digital archives. I have no real idea if it was ever released, I need to refresh my memory mate.

I'm pretty sure there was fodder at the time - in the best way of course - from Break / Silent Witness / Survival / Inperspective Records / Technicality / Full Cycle / Total Science / Generation Dub, even.

Wow, stretching myself a wee bit, I actually remember quite a lot, I could be here all night if I let myself. Smile


Out of all the clownsteppers, it wasn't Twisted Individual who did it best. And it wasn't Distorted Minds or DJ Hazard. It was actually Generation Dub. Pure techno.

Sexy Beast

Two classic G Dub tracks of the era.

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