RELEASE Welcome To The Lounge - 2CD Set Performed By David Gainsford and Space Dreams Project


I'm either aloof or bad mannered in real life sometimes, to contrast the usual mild mannered behaviour. So I reach out to my Musikhoren-freunden for blabida.

This comes from my lack of tranquilisation from the world at large, the fact I feel I've lived and loved and lost a very long time, medication is needed, you get my drift.

What ties this narrative together? Well. The other day I went to Witney market, where Mr #hameron lived, which has always been a lovely place really, very Cotswoldian.

On the way back from the record shop, I spotted this long out of print gem, selling for a quid along with a variety of Jizz CDs (I bought a nice Cannonball Adderley one, too).

The CD... Welcome To The Lounge. Wouldn't sound out of place on a label such as Omni Music these days.
Yes, this isn't necessarily coffee stable, some of it has a spacey spring in its hoof.
There are 14 tracks on each side (CD), as well as an interlaced pattern built around home design epicures.
Check it out...I just found you a link:

If I have the energy I'll search on Spotify for you, since it is relevant to my cataloguing interests.

Edit: here we are...

David Gainsford:

Space Dreams Ambient and Drone playlist:

1660 songs. So with that third link you're looking at over 100 hours of pure Ambient music. Minimal beats, sweet drones and dissonant pulses.


For the ardent Muttley journalism fans, you'll know I have linked the Space Dreams playlist on SC already. That's also what caught my eye to buy this for cheap.

Slightly more expensive copies of the 2CD available for £3.39 upwards on Discogs.

DIsc two is seriously fine stuff. Sounds like Polar was responsible. This stuff is very downtempo Polar, slightly Pilote, but more Polar/ Dissident than anything else. Very special and very circadian rhythms.

Of course, many artists are similar. And people hear things differently. That said, I love it excessively. This is the kind of downtempo and chillout music I live for.

Why? Slightly Balearic, yearning stuff, spacey and solemn, not coffee table in the extreme, and nails the locus of revolvent retrospectivity with 1990s electronic music experiments.

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