Little 2 minute vignette I created this morning.

I have been awake all night listening to artists like School Of Seven Bells, Grouper, and Boards Of Canada's "Music Has The Right To Children" on low volume.

BOC got me into electronic music when I was 14. I am 31 currently, over the big 3-0.

For me Boards' music is altogether quaint, and dark in the best kind of way. That is, it's haunting, not imposing. It never had a chip on it's shoulder to me.

Unfortunately lots of Ambient music these days fails to capture the nuances of early Eno, Boards, SOTL, Cluster, Harmonia, Tangerine Dream, what have you.

This is a miniaturised harking back to when times were simpler; when melodies were left to run, editing was kept sharp, tensegrity was normal.

It'll be on SC for as long as any company bods allow it. It doesn't infringe copyrights because everything is re-orchestrated, nothing is copied.

Enjoy, leave a comment below.

I'm sorry if you think this remix is disappointing. I, on the other hand, like it as much as the original.

If you don't enjoy this track that much, I recommend checking Boards Of Canada anyway. Some recommended releases:

Tomorrow's Harvest
The Campfire Headphase

...these are normally my favourite three "LPs" of theirs.
They have A LOTA EPs, but that's for another day.

The LPs are happy songs though, the EPs sad sad music.

not listened to it yet


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