how long can Subvert Central keep going?

I wonder
beats are there to be broken

as long as it's still here Wave

Nice to be appreciated. I feel like that when I haven't taken my medication.

It's interesting (and also sad) how popularity of forums declined in the last 6-10 years while the accessibility of network devices have dramatically increased in the same same time.
Seems that people prefer to spend their online time in a more useless way Smile

Coming up to 18 years old - a license to bore regulars as well as thrill casuals.

Useless to me is broken English here for "use less". Like "smoke less, drink less; switch off for a while, even if it means just taking a power nap".

I will always exist.
Never go anywhere.
Always down for blogs.

The effect of "forums in decline" is like macular degeneration disease: very hard to see the truth.

At the same time, nothing is true.
Such thoughts create asymmetry of viewpoint.
This means information carries over 10 times weight.

It should at least outlast May!

Statto shall reach 60 000 posts also before SC folds....

On a serious note, it should last FOREVER!
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Hopefully for many years to come!

My uzi weighs a ton

I drop in now and then as it has always been a big part of my "growing up,"

Yeah I still lurk often, even if I barely sign in. It's funny, because forums are mostly dying, and I barely visit them anymore myself, and yet nothing has taken their place really, as I don't use Facebook and those other sorts of broadcast-only social medias.

The closest thing now is Discord with its various music making related servers, but honestly it's hard to find good quality meaningful exchange at this time.

I like the idea SC is still there and works as a kinda secret hide-out on the web as opposed to those social media behemoths out there. However I gotta admit it would be nice if there were a wee bit more posts these days. It can get very ghost town-ish on SC in 2019...
Music critic for the Tally Ho



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