MIX dnb/downtempo mix by Muttley

Up the subverts street I'm sure. Air - 20 Years CD2, Good Looking Records - Points In Time CD 5 in the series, and DJ Ruffstuff - Big Bad And Heavy Unmixed CD1 on Chronic, underpinning a CDJ mix across a few sources, as always recorded with my trusty digital recorder. Ask for further info. When I've finished it up and given it a few listens, I'll either delete this thread if it doesn't sound too good, or upload it to MixCloud as part of Kidzania.

Not the first time this has happened - the recording has come out silent. I'm really not sure why that is. Perhaps it is being remotely used to broadcast to more needy people than myself. I have no problem with that, although would've been nice to re-listen.

We'll see what happens with this thread.

Well, I've listened to the rain sounds and white noise in its place, and very good it was too. I came to the conclusion I'd make this other dnb/downtempo mix public instead:


"The Direction Was Foggy"

A recent discovery from this is my recordings are transducing the frequencies into white noise, hum, incidental music, i.e music sounding like it's covered over or dampened, since the other day. This is Ok, if slightly different than normal. I previously relied on using line-in anyhow, so going through the advanced on-board soundboard functions won't be an annoyance at all.

So I decided to take a leaf out of Statto's listenership and listen to Gang Of Four wired up to the brain chip on Alexa. "Ulcer" is one I remember from my days of bingeing on 70s and 80s post punk. The recordings sound totally different this morning after a sandwich and 1 mini pork pie, an apple and a brunch bar for breakfast. Maybe it is the transhuman electronics thingamabob. Or maybe they're just versions I have never heard before. Smile

I am going to upload the rain/noise microtonal recording, by the way. It's really peaceful, and much more than just white noise. It reminds me of Warren Ellis' Spektrmodule podcast 8 where he talks about hearing ghosts talking in radio interference.