MIX The 2019 Omni Sessions - Vol. 4

Welcome to the newest installment of the 2019 Omni Sessions, featuring a host of Omni Dubs as well as a deep selection of other current works of art Smile

[Image: 21cuxrt.jpg]


Eschaton – Shores of Eris (Omni Dub)
J-Majik – Serenity (Infrared)
JCW – Dreamscape (Omni Dub)
J-Majik – Red Moon (Infrared)
Necrotype – Aldebaran (Omni Music)
Muon – Dreamers (Omni Dub)
Eschaton & Pageant – Atacama Shimmer (Omni Dub)
Muon – Quiet Season (Omni Dub)
Pete Rann – Hybrid (Omni Dub)
Intake & Shivaxi – Believe (Offworld Recordings)
Pete Rann – Shibuya (Omni Dub)
Peron – Dreams are Moving Small Notes (Omni Dub)
J- Majik – Code Breaker (Infrared)
Muon – Troposphere (Omni Dub)
DJ Trax & Infest – State of Consciousness (Omni Dub)
Eschaton – Tierra Sonada (Omni Dub)
J-Majik – Meridian (Infrared)
Booca & Eschaton – Behind the Magenta (Omni Dub)
Papa Shanti & Somah – Ear to the Ground (Optimystic Remix) (Eastern Promise Audio)ise Audio
Eschaton – Silicon Lifeform (Omni Dub)
Dissident and Parhelia – The Day of 5 Suns (Omni Dub)
Rainforest – Oracle (Next Phase Records)
Optimystic, KO & Relapse - Water Spirit (Eastern Promise Audio)
Rainforest – Inner Breeze (Next Phase Records)
Hybert Philips – Gray Dawn (Kos.Mos.Music)
Rainforest – Jaguar Clan (Next Phase Records)
I Wannabe – Superstitious (Kos.Mos.Music)
Enjoy & Pariah – Sonic Void (Omni Dub)
JCW – Intermission Part 2 (Omni Dub)
J-Majik – Full Circle (Infrared)
JCW – Materia (Omni Dub)
Eschaton – Tao (Maff's Racing Cloud Remix) (Omni Music)




I usuaĺly want to listen to the new mix or three whenever I am reminded, though the inclusion of J Majik's "Full Circle" album in the mix here is priceless. 
Will get a round tuit Falcon

Listening to the new mix now whilst making a coffee and reading about the unanimous Paulie Malignaggi loss, and as ever it's super sweet. Smoothie mixing, just my flavour. Quality beats about twenty minutes in. I love you for your generosity with this longer than regular basis series. Easy now. Smile

The tune at 1:53 hrs is ridiculously funky

And the one following it is sex on drumskins, at 2h

I didn't get to the end, but it's still the best dnb mix I've heard all year, your best since OS 23 & 25

That's very kind of you mate Smile Kisskiss

I will have to go back and listen to Omni Sessions 23 and 25, I can't remember what I played Chin

Might have been 26, either way it was the 3h mix with "Visions Of Amen" mixed within


Stopping the mix before its natural conclusion is something I do with some music(s) to preserve their freshness. With something like this mix I want to immerse myself in it, to listen again and again. And that's great Smile Half decent beats and suave melodic fun. It's blended really progressively as well, which is always a plus. Not one of those "slap together" odd jobbies.

Something a bit more odd but nonetheless you might enjoy is another of those Omni Music friendly mixes, this time on my MixCloud. Search Muttley SubVersion - Kiss Gate if you like. I made that the same time you did this or about. It's got DBridge Vs Concord Dawn - Labyrinth in it to begin, an amazing tune I don't remember any other DJs at the time ever playing.

I've switched to MixCloud for sets almost completely now, because I don't want to get silly warnings from Sony / Warner etc telling me what I can and can't post. I.e "Lazarus" performed by Bowie, but I wrote the original lyrics in 2012. E.g "IDGAF" performed by Dua Lipa, which again I wrote lyrics for a female to sing in 2012. Politics, eh? I'm grateful of course, but does seem a little daft.

Grabbing via soundcloud. Cheers.

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