RELEASE Hyper On Experience - Vinyl Reissues

It probably made the rounds on social media already - however I deleted all my social media accounts a while back (and it felt very liberating) - but now back to the main topic of this post:
I stumbled across the following info on discogs:

Meaning there are Hyper On Experience reissues being made these days on Kniteforce, however "remastered" and not exactly the same tracks as on the Moving Shadow EP

I remeber from my vinyl buying days more than a decade ago those Hyper On Experience EPs went for colossal prices on the 2nd hand market...
Music critic for the Tally Ho

apparently they're repressing them all
I'm waiting for Deaf In The Family EP,. as my copy is a bit knackered


(14th July 2019, 21:45)Statto Wrote:

now live Twothumbs

Interesting stuff, thanks

I only have the most common, "wanted" 12' in my collection; the original of "Cold Fresh Air" / "Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)" / Disturbance (Tango Remix)". It's really common. I must dig that out.

Upon investigating further, look at this beauty - All The Labels 19 - 2x vinyl, 2x CD = £29.99!!! Bargain.
Not sure if it's 4 records or 21 they're selling (19 2x vinyl and 1 double CD) but either way, that's a deal.
I want the vinyl, I have no space though. And as ever, I have hundreds of tunes waiting to be audited,

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