Longformacus - Translucent Silence (56 min radio static piece)


Download and details

1. This is a first in a series, with optional donation, because
2. My digital recorder settings have been changed unawares, to
3. Give me recordings with delicious radio static.
4. Finally, I have less than 100GB space on each working HD rn. Until my 2TB external pen arrives, I will have to link you on here otherwise.

There will be artwork for this release from me eventually, and I'll also choose a bit of a different angle to base the art on.

About the release

The sound is similar to the quietest of Drone Ambient, because that's exactly what it is: radio static and interference noise recorded at the same time on top of my digitally recorded microphone recording methods, of DJ set experiments that switch from... downtempo to dnb and electronic music. Strangely, this time, only the static silence was recorded, and my Olympus £35 recorder has been like that since the middle of June 2019. To me the mix of static and found sounds (esp. if you tune in with headphones on, waves, white noise and raindrops can be sensed) is absolutely fantastic, because it is so naturally calm, very analogue and very ultra-mundane, like a sea breeze in Spanish air.

Cheers.  more
released June 25, 2019  

All silence and static recorded by Mick Robert Buckingham, on an Olympus VN13 Digital Recorder, as translucent recoding of DJ mixing between sound sources in the Squatchlair Studios lounge.

Played in a local café today - the guitar dub anyway

Hola Huffkins!

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