[by way of agency] recommendations for new dark ambient, and old

hey subverts, and non subverts, or newbies who lurk

wanted to sew together a few things for the site - developing a part time additions thread for this subforum, where I recommend things around me, my own "what's happening" but basically for ambient music; dark music; kosmische musick, soundtrack stuff, heavy artillery. this is all the business i'm really interested in - all bass, no treble, so to drift.

and so I've been playing an excellent 2008 release again that I used to know where my cd was, but I have boomkat DL - "Bleaklow" by The Stranger.

what's this? heavy doomy industrial shit. really raw. scary without being sweet. like Coil's weather vane, positioned in a storm and subjected to the violence of the Gods.
yeah that's a bit OTT, but this music isn't. it does sound otherworldly though. a total mind melting experience. not for the faint of heart.
don those cans and crank it, this is deep.

feel free anyone to join in, say thanks, you can talk to me, although i'm getting increasingly passive aggressive in my old age.
here's a good link: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the...&FORM=VDRE

edit 1: the best link related to this release though is probably www.brainwashed.com/vvm