Various Artists - The Small Things Matter II (PCMS059) [PINECONE MOONSHINE]

[Image: a2306112202_10.jpg]

1. Parallel - A Drop in Time's Puddle
2. Dot Notation - 11i 35j 29k
3. K-Chaos - Soothsayer
4. Dissident and Cyberworm - Entracte Endless (Nic TVG Remix)
5. Parallel - The Small Things Matter (VIP Mix) 

A Drop in Time’s Puddle by Parallel starts with three short notes sent through heavy delay building a reflective or somber melody. The drum break rolls at a steady pattern between long passages of kicks, percussion, and bassline. A few teases to classic Drum and Bass are used as edits. 

Dot Notation, formerly Dot Product, returns with a track using cavernous reverb to fill in large silences between percussion and melody. The track has a gritty sound with vinyl crackle and other clicks in forefront of the mix. 

K-Chaos’s Soothsayer sets a fast tempo dropping right into the drum break with an equally fast paced melody. The harmony sweeps in as the layers get more dense. Percussion changes up between finger snaps, bells, and the melody. 

Label owner Nic TVG takes Dissident’s warm, dub aesthetic and Cyberworm’s clean mechanical sound and pulls Entracte Endless into LoFi. Drums sound muted and lost under noise. The synths are transformed into boomy drones or thinned out tones. The overall effect channels the feeling of staying up until daybreak. 

Parallel creates an alternate version of the track that inspired the original The Small Things Matter EP with a VIP mix that runs longer than the original. The Amen break is swapped out for a drum break with a metallic sounding snares and rolls. The synthetic percussion is brighter and sharper in tone and the emphasis even more on being a sparse ambient piece of 170bpm music. The signature melody and sound effects remain.

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