RELEASE Ryo Kawasaki Appreciation thread

Heard this on the radio earlier this evening. Loved it!

Greetings to Sir Kawasaki via his own artoftube youtube channel

Interesting sonic results for the 1982, 1983 electronic excursions, including full exploration of Roland TR 808, TB 303, custom Guitar Synthesizer, and Commodore 64 gear.

Crazy to think that you can hear some of the same lines, melodies, and atmospheres in later techno sounds of the decade. Some of the sounds remind me of what we would later hear via early 90's B12 techno releases in places.

303 as jazz funk instrument... I approve!

Good stuff Xyxthumbs

0:00 Lucky Lady
5:53 Looking For You
10:17 Secret Of The Wing
16:45 Long Time Before You Were Born
22:48 Caravan + Forlane
27:18 Sophisticated Lady
33:54 Rondes Printanieres

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