RELEASE Thom Yorke - Suspiria

Quite unlike what I've been used to for a while. 

It's soundtrack work: dark strings and bubble-wrapped nightmares. 

Not too much of the Bobbinshead whine. 

And some of the interludes sound like sheer death!

For fans of Coil.

This was made in October 2018

Bought quite a lot of "new" music recently....
Here's a couple.

Metronomy - Forever
Lang Lang - New York Rhapsodies

Pretty good friendly records in comparison. PG.

In non-parental-guidance stuff, I used to frequent the Free Range night at the now-closed Cellar club. They've put a retrospective on sale of their vinyl, on CD. This is grating, bracing techno and dubstep, spliced by the spleen of Surgeon and locked to a 130bpm grid.

By the way Statto, as I know you are helpless here, this isn't vocal stuff in the main. Some of it is really dark. Darker than most of my life is.

okay Smiley

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