Incorporate - Lightyears EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

Incorporate - Lightyears EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

The term INCORPORATE not only stands for „absorbing reality into music“ but also for integrating different ways to do so.
That's what Constantin, Florian, and Yan actually do. They all work on music differently, they have different strengths and weaknesses and approaches to handle them and they live very different lifes.
These contrasts form the inner core of the creativity behind the project.
They overcome the principles of similarity and build up on the synergies that derive.
They borrow ideas from the Past, the Present and the Future and they call it dark, deep and minimal Drum & Bass.

[Image: artworks-000589813763-rt.jpg]

Incorporate - Lightyears EP [IA015]

01 / Incorporate - Hidden Path
02 / Incorporate - Lightyears Away
03 / Incorporate - Never Say Never
04 / Incorporate - Things About To Happen

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