I've Been Stabbed In The Back So Many Many Times

So yeah. 

It happened. 


I saw Morrissey live last Friday night.

I mean..  it took 30 years.

30 years to physically hear the croons in front of me. 


He's like a jukebox.  Extremely well produced, professional backing band.

Gustavo Manzur didn't sing, but MAN, dude can play piano. I was impressed. 


He is well fond of Siouxsie, and he told us that.


And the Ramones, The Who, and rockin 60's r&b


Boz Boorer has been a staple in the band for nearly 30 years.

Asides from The Polecats outside of Moz, I've never really checked out his solo stuff from over the years.


Orville Peck is a bit addicting.


There was no opener, but Interpol has been handling recent, opening US tour dates.

Blondie opened in NYC in 2015.  That would have been cool.

I've never seen Kristeen Young live either.


I have no interest in Johnny Marr.. outside of Modest Mouse.

He still kicks it on the axe.. as they say.  Props due, clearly.

I'm not really into recent, over produced  (imo) Modest Mouse, but it is another angle. Radio blips I might check out on occasion. 


"Jack The Ripper" live was his moment.

Poignant enough for those who die by the song. Red fog lights.. too much dry ice for the venue. It was a shit show moment.

But we sat & listened.  And breathed in an excess of dry ice.  Thanks Morrissey. 

Narrows is probably not a thing anymore. BOTCH still rules. Forever. 

Everybody has covered this song - RHCP, AFI, My Chemical Romance, etc.  Meh. 


If I was still desolate enough to promote gigs, I would bring Mariachi Manchester to play.

They'd be expensive to fly in tho, how many people are in the band at any given time?

As posted elsewhere, I think Mariachi Manchester are phenomenal. 

00:00 Primero de la Pandilla a Murir
03:42 Suedehead
07:35 Rancho Grande / Noviacita en Coma
12:30 Llorona
18:00 Tragos de Amargo Licor
21:03 Todos los Días Son Como Domingo
25:49 El Mariachi Manchester Ya Se Va / Preguntáme

Of course, as the cliche goes, there was a PETA info table in the venue foyer.

Morrissey, Canada.. have never really jived.  He told us he has never been invited on Canadian TV, but figured it was a good thing for all of us. 

Of surreal wtf moments (there were a few that night), he sang "The Bullfighter Died" with slow motion, sometimes gory,  imagery of bulls killing bullfighters.

Like bull horns, slow motion, piercing human skulls. 

We all sat and listened.


In the merch line before the show a nice lady with a clipboard said hi. I then signed a PETA , Morrissey endorsed petition to ban Canada Goose jackets for using goose down in their products.

I signed the petition really quickly, scribbling, and gave them an email address I never use. 

I don't hate geese, I don't buy Canada Goose products either, but both WINTER and geese are hella Canadian. 

Youth Code are cool tho. 


of course James Dean made an appearance early in the show, as always.

I was listening to Diamanda Galas a couple weeks ago too. 


Satan rejected my soul.
So I must find somewhere else to go

There's a place in hell for me & my friends

Morrissey illumnati vids are clearly an emerging genre.


I don't know, this tshirt is forever kewl.

[Image: P0.jpg]

I can see why he loves The Pretenders.

And yes, he did "Back In the Chain Gang" cover during the set.


^^  Killing Joke still have the title on "The Wait" tho.


During the intro banter to "Home is a Question Mark",  he confirmed that indeed, he was born in Manchester.

The crowd cheered in praise! Cynical me, I wondered to myself "pfft.. how many you have actually been to Manchester?? I haven't.. pfft, why u fawkers cheering??" 

Do people even still listen to Black Grape?


^^  Big Flame is better.  Sorry Shaun.


no comment on Morrissey's music (which you either like or don't), but Morrissey himself is a complete arsehole

^^ of course. So many people are like that tho.

It is like.. HR. Greatest front man in 80's hardcore. Opinionated, big mouth.  Was always a dick. Similarities don't stop there.

HR, 80's early 90's Bad Brains, dude was back flipping his soul on stage. FANTASTIC. Energy!  Still a dick. Greatest 80's hardcore records, etc. 

Moz, 80's early 90's.. til ??  Did his idiot dance, ENERGY, slithered on stage about like a dying daffodil.  Band aids on nipples, and mock hearing aids to filter out the hate (Lol).  Forever a twat,

You know what I mean?

HR - NOW  63 yrs old - seemingly continued battles with mental health, apparent schizophrenia, & most importantly, NO LONGER DANCES ON STAGE

Morrissey - NOW 60 yrs old - continued inflictor of mental illness, continued egomaniac, wears ill fitting pants, problematic to himself (?) and his greatest detractors, entire UE / UK tours protested & cancelled in recent years, and NO LONGER DANCES ON STAGE

Morrissey doesn't dance anymore. When did that stop?    I thought about that the entire show.   Chin


That's the thing about age.

I literally saw all ages at the show last Friday night. CHILDREN, 10 - 12 yr olds with parents, clearly grandparents, all shapes, sizes, dress attire, ear gages, pompadours, to grandpa sweaters. We all sat and watched the surreal bullfighters getting killed by bulls on the backdrop in slow motion as dude sang the song.  Whether the kids were into it or not, come on, 10, 12 yr olds will remember that. heh.

I was bugging about that all day this past Saturday.  Visual impact.  I literally thought about it whole day after.  Some weird moments, if you put your head around the physical, visual dichotomies. I guess that's the point. He's always done that. 


In essence, the strong points of the show were the songs like "Seasick, Yet Still Docked", "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself", and "This Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"

We pay $ to see a 60 yr old man in ill fitting pants sing " ... And you can tell I have never really loved. You can tell, by the way, I sleep all day"

Cheesy as fawk to see live, but invigorating because the live Moz jukebox keeps rolling. Quarter drops, "here's the next one!", etc, etc. 


Alain Whyte co-wrote the catalog 1991 - 2007 / 2009

And now my heart is full.

Dude can get it.  For sure. 


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