Personnage - Primal EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

Personnage - Primal EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

A deep, atmospheric opening with sinister textures and bass stabs are soon joined by sporadic drum beats that build to a crescendo. From the unsettling mood to its sparse yet effective use of drums, this is a perfect example of Personnage's signature sound.

Personnage brings the heat with a heavily experimental track. Listen out for breakbeat, drum n bass and techno influences along with the artist's own unique flavour. If you love music that blurs boundaries then this will get your mind racing.

Prehistoric sounds blend with doses of science fiction to create a hybrid for the dance floor.
Personnage utilises his arsenal of tribal drums, techno-inspired basslines and sinister swarm effects to grab your attention and not let go. "Primal" by name, "Primal" by nature.

[Image: artworks-000614972425-0v.jpg]

Personnage - Primal EP [IA016]

01 / Personnage - 000000
02 / Personnage - Interval
03 / Personnage - Primal

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