RELEASE Subvert Central's End Of Year Highlights

so here's the short, unpunctuated idea. chart of ten highlights. add more if you want in your thread post here. all entries welcome. any idea whatsoever. i've thrown out the ten years old template. we need fresh ideas. the template is still the same and available. just check the eoyre chart thread from last year (2018). why do the same thing to infinity? people get bored easily we know. it's why 2019 has been so rhetorical on the net.

i'll start with an entry.

highlight 1: my restaurant of the year is The Plough Inn, Alvescot. search TripAdvisor for my review as Muttley S. i am a level nine restaurant expert on that site.

highlight 2: wandering through cotswold farm areas like visiting ireland when i was yunger.

highlight 3: randomly bumping into people i used to know, whether as acquaintances, mostly acquaintances because i cannot identify.

thanks the friends who bother.
lots of love, michael

next month Xyxthumbs

a gift for statto, noisemonkey, cube, firefinga and macc in particular (because they occasionally pop in)

Wave to annastay, luv ya for everything ya do. this is a reverbed ambient crush of a tune, heavy on the sinewaves.

and happy christmas to all in general. i'm keeping my posts "tidy", since we want to keep the main forum page as uncluttered as poss.

i get between 150-200 Bandcamp site visitors a week now. here's 151 for the latest release made available this morning (7am)

"jilted harmonies" post remembrance sunday weekend.

Aldous Harding
Chelsea Wolfe
Bedouin Orchestra
Jacques Greene
Fort Romeau
Moon Duo
Bat For Lashes
Angel Olsen

Ten feminine or femme artists that have really done it for me this year.

new albums:
Kimyan Law
Nu Era
Tek 9

new label discoveries:
Deathsoundbat (free Russian netlabel with incredibly heavy dark stuff.
Ragga Terror Front (breakcore)
The Dreamers Recordings (dnb/footwork crossover)
Drift Deeper (dub techno)
beats are there to be broken

thanks for getting this thread rolling noisemonkey (and Statski for the prompt)

I made a little condensed (unexplained) top 10 highlights of the year list about 2 days ago:

Pokemon TCG Trainer Club
The Plough Inn, Alvescot
Random encounters with old acquaintances
Understanding marriage
Understanding soulmates
Understanding triggers
Recapitulation of the what when where hypercube
Ambient labels being more sharity alike
Less trash media
Mixing with the right people, at the right time (staying offline mostly!)

Gig of the year: Melt Banana. Amazing from start to finish and I managed to speak to them a little bit to. Pure adrenaline rush of sonic barbarity and catchiness.
beats are there to be broken

2019 Current Value highlight shortlist


Thomas Dimuzio (Thomas Koner) and Anla Courtis (Alan Courtis) - Monk Style Or Scream 

Statto liked it bitd. It's a fantastic recipe for repentant raga atmosphere . Has a definitive edginess and "end times" peace. 

I have a forwarded Buchla synthesis experiment from Mr Courtis, I must check out that. 

This release has been on my laptop for some time.

Good time to drop a few 2019 debut lp, highlights here & there.


nêhiyawak - Edmonton / Treaty 6 territory, Alberta, Canada

"nipiy" lp aka. water, October 2019

Love the production via Colin Stewart (Victoria BC - New Pornographers, Destroyer, Ladyhawk, etc)

Paula Temple is the reason. 

Brilliant debut lp. 
Temple as a personal, 2019 soundtrack has been a pleasure.  Coming correct with lp remixes as well. 

"Edge of Everything" lp  (Noise Manifesto)

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