Review a tune in Retrospect


You heard it before. Maybe 20+ years ago? What do you think of it now?  Initial thoughts, let it all out. 

It is almost 11pm on a cold Sunday night.  I'm listening to Dillinja "Grimey". Random as hell, but that's the point here. 


It is mad farty.  I'm sure it sounds weirder pitched down. Were the vinyl presses even any good?  V Recordings huh? 

I never owned the tune... I don't think anyway. It was a tune I'd hear in dnbarena sets.  I never went out much to clubs (alcohol wasn't my thing), so whenever local dj's were dropping this and skanking like mad, I was never witness to.  Do people play this out now?  Would YOU play this out now if dj-ing is still your bag?   For old farts, Dillinja has had pinnacle tunes and whatnot, was this one of them? I'm not sure. But people like dumb shit. Why over think it?  "Grimey" sounds like a colonoscopy with less funk, yet still smells hella funky, ya get me?  There was a time we used to listen to this.  I wouldn't now. 

Thank you.

Ok, I never owned "The Grimey e.p", given the other tunes on the release.   

What was up with this tune?  Weird synth tinkles, tech step breaks, g-funkish melodies. "Pluto" has some swing to it, but meanders. "Take My Life", disconnected vocal sample, it could have been any lyric really. 2002 era, factory Dillinja bass stab preset in effect. Would kids find this "edgy" today?  Maybe not. Jump up is many things these days.  In the end, I clearly wasn't missing out on any of "The Grimey" e.p.   



"Bass is stronger than your meds".

Something I missed at the time...

For me this is one of the best tunes Dom ever made. It's in the same vein as Ed Rush tracks of the time, such as Subway and Skylab, which Dom engineered. While I definitely like those (especially Subway), I think Darkness is even better. It's almost Dom showing what those tracks might have sounded like if he'd just done them by himself. (Whereas Ed Rush's best work back then was with Nico on the desk.)

(11th November 2019, 10:01)Muttley Wrote: "Bass is stronger than your meds".

well played.   Lol Applause  Cheers Lighter

(11th November 2019, 10:24)Statto Wrote: Something I missed at the time...

For me this is one of the best tunes Dom ever made. It's in the same vein as Ed Rush tracks of the time, such as Subway and Skylab, which Dom engineered. While I definitely like those (especially Subway), I think Darkness is even better. It's almost Dom showing what those tracks might have sounded like if he'd just done them by himself. (Whereas Ed Rush's best work back then was with Nico on the desk.)

^^ I concur. I don't recall hearing that tune locally, but given the Dom era, all the elements are there for sure. I'd prefer a bit more distortion, but I was a breakcore casuality.  Forgive me. Oops ha. 
Good tune tho, classic Darkness for sure.  Yes

Speaking of which.. random tangents encouraged in this thread ok? 

Venetian Snares. 

I don't own many of the albums. I do have some Planet Mu vinyl stuff still, "Doll Doll Doll" & "printf< Shiver in Eternal Darkness" on cd.  I don't listen to much of it now. While I still hold value to the Snares perspective in places, Shiver in Eternal Darkness is a release I still like - if only for the Star Wars samples used, and the rawness of the productions. It is really disjointed - as par the course - yet has a constant cohesion in darkness for sure, and Star Wars.  It is perhaps a simpler Snares time, and I like how there are nuances of rave in there, which makes it an identifiable hardcore release in purpose, to my ears at least.  "Salt" is a great opener, approved for us former gothic types. lol.  These days, it is really interesting to see Venetian Snares referenced by newer generations if & when. 

True story - as a manager, I once hired this girl from Halifax, Canada to join my staff. She was cool, played celtic fiddle in punkish, free form type bands, and later got into axe throwing - no joke.  We'd talk about music lots, and one day she started telling me how crazy and great Venetian Snares was! She reveled in the Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole release, as if it was her own, quirky secret. She loved it.  I never told her I was once a doomed breakcore dj with no future.  I don't recall making recommendations for her to listen to, but she loved Dropkick Murphys too, which I can't get behind, at all. I kept it all to myself tho - like how I was once very good friends with Dropkick Murphy's former bagpipe player in high school, but I still can't stand his band. I haven't seen the dude in decades, and I doubt he fathoms of my own existence, but I'm sure we'd get along fine these days. But given the chance, would I tell him that in person??   Chin Fauxpas  Regardless, I couldn't bring myself to tell my axe throwing employee these things. 

I digress.

However random inspirations come and go, I still do own this album on cd. I won't listen to it, but I'll stream the lp on occasion to mashup di place, like right now. I don't listen to The Boredoms much either, but I like some of their stuff. 

" grandmother used to tell me, that we all have a black dog and a white dog inside of us. The one you feed the most eventually eats the other one... "

0:00 salt
5:03 hours
8:08 intense demon attacks
12:10 cruel whole
18:35 suasive chess strategy
24:19 aqap
30:16 mouth
38:01 c8 diversity
43:27 fire is the devil
49:50 molting
54:06 punishing the atoms
59:42 cruel whole (abelcain remix)


- I really like Navigator's style when he delivers.  I never listen to his stuff these days, but, yeah in 2020, I'd still say he's good. I rarely rate jungle / dnb mc's ever, I mean, who listens to them anyway? 
- I'm listening to this for the first time in god knows how long as I post. 
- It does have melodies, hooks, and structure for a vocal dnb tune. Simple snare, kick hits, but lets the condiments do the talking. 
- Compressed amens
- Shot Down on Safari was a horrible album, but I still bought BOTH the Mo' Fire 12" (cheap @ Virgin Records back then) & the Shot Down album on cd (not so cheap, cd albums used to be over $20 sometimes, remember??). I might still have the cd somewhere, that's sort of embarrassing.  
- I don't remember many tunes from Shot Down lp, asides from that annoying Bees tune. 
- I first heard the tune in some dnbarena live set, I used to sit in internet cafes streaming that stuff 
- I haven't heard much of Spyda's stuff since. Flow is good.  
- The second wave of diyragga jungle was then in its heyday, this was more on the um.. commercial fringe of the then, underground stuff we all listened to. 
- Dj Fresh, do we care anymore? 
- Maldini.. 
- Dbridge exists elsewhere 
- Vegas.. 
- I recall the tune was a bit hard to mix in, as the vocal & drop are quite abrupt. 
- This is pop music 
- The Andy C vs Fresh remix is..   wonky. 
- I didn't own this 12" for long. Sold to used bins @ the local record haunts. 

In 2020, do I like the tune?  We clown on it, but we all know there is at least some ok bitsSlap Even I can admit.  Andy C vs Fresh mix isn't good tho.  I hate the second drop in the Andy C, Fresh mix.  

We listened to all kinds of crap back then. Dance music, huh?  Dnb is weird sometimes.   


^^ Would any current dj drop Mo'Fire today?

If i was still of the ilk, not in my crate / usb stick / ipad, or whatever people "dj" off of now. lol. You might bop around to the tune in the car, but only people over 35yrs old would consider it.



the MC has a decent ragga style Mrgreen

the music is utter shite with no redeeming features whatsoever Icon_razz

Dutch mon, Dave Huismans aka, 2562, "Aerial" lp, 2008 - Tectonic

What were you listening to in 2008? 

Assuming I was still buying bits of vinyl for random dj-ing purposes (?), this was one of the then, purchases I made. I don't actually own many dubstep full length, artist albums on vinyl at all, but this was clearly one of the very, very few that made the cut, and the budget of course lol. From what I recall, this may have been some of the last dubstepish vinyl I ever bought as well.

First and foremost, outside of the UK garage root, as a stripped down vision of dance music, dubstep was always techno to me - that is what initially attracted me to the sound, the percussion, the skipping, riding high hats, sub bass booms, 808 clicks, which in essence was & is techno pretty much, to my ears at least.  At the time, 2562 notably & definitely did turn heads for the techno bubblings within the tracks. I don't know too much about Dave Huismans other endeavors outside of 2562,  A Made Up Sound is notable, but I never bought any of the tunes. Listening back as I post, there is a lot of personality withing the 2562 tunes, which is great, considering imo, much dub techno influenced music might lack some emotion or quirkiness.  Dub can be cartoonish, dub can make you smile, musicality is important, can dub be sexy?  Dancing is completely optional, assuming you make it off the couch, or out of the car, or out from the back of the club buried within the deep clouds of smoke, or what have you. I don't smoke weed anymore, but I still get the haze.

When first previewing this lp in the record shop,"Greyscale" and the 4/4 bump of"Walkover" were what sold me on the purchase then.  Greyscale is a brilliantly produced tune. The bouncing bass melodies & atmos of "Walkover" get the knees up for sure. A solid listen for those 2 tunes alone.

Listening back "Aerial" is a very well produced lp. It appears overtly minimal upon first listen, but that changes as you delve into the affair.  The ideas are crisp, well presented, dub techno in spirit or course, and the welcome movement within the tunes are largely translated well. This is not a boring listen, imo.  Would I play this lp again in 2020?  My vinyl copy is collecting dust, but  2562 "Aerial" lp would make good elevator music, and I don't mean that in a bad way.  Listen, dub, dubstep, and techno ideas have been around for a long while now - commercialism did occur, production influences are now as mainstream as Simon Cowell.  Why wouldn't your grandparents or children want to enjoy some 2008 era skankin vibes?

In 2020, I can hear "Aerial" being played in a hair salon, in a hipster coffee joint, or at breakfast with yer nan. 2562 "Aerial" lp brings families together.  What more can you ask for?  "The Times" is a great finish


** there are 4 tunes on the cd version NOT included on the vinyl version. I'll check those out as well.  


A1 Morvern 0:00
A2 Moog Dub 4:46
B1 Redux 9:23
B2 Theorem 13:56
C1 Basin Dub 19:50
C2 Greyscale 24:44
D1 Walkover 29:47
D2 The Times 35:16

ASC - Some Other Life (Truth Be Told LP, Silent Season, listen on Bandcamp)

Amazing tune, really. Lifts depression so much personally. I could wax lyrical but I won't. What I will say is it is really
deep stuff, and so nice to listen to, because of how soft the reverberation quality is, the sound quality of it. The mood
is one of alleviation, transpiration, solemn debt. It's hugely therapeutic on repeat. That's all I can say.

Oh and of course I should provide a direct link to listen and buy like back in the days:


grouper - a lie (yellow electric)

this is to me the key track on the a.i.a double album, and there is a lot of beauty to be had. it's a real hook right at the end of the second album.

the mood is wavey and hazy-gazey, full of interesting texture, pumped with a viol of love and lacking the spitting puff poison of its drone predecessors.

check Spotify for some interesting Grouper play lists.

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