Solace - Occam EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

Solace - Occam EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

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- Drowning In Shadows
Ethereal pads and beautifully haunting reverbed vocal build around deep sharp breaks surrounded by growling modulated bass.
Brings a darker element to this absolutely stunning track.

- Occam's Razor
Moody soundscape grabs your attention before the devastating low-end steals the show. Dark and dirty drums pair with a nasty grinding sub bass with rolling tribalistic energy.
Touches of vocal to add some interesting bites.

- Deep Roots
Submerged atmospheres lay in the foreground along with some ruthless scuttling drums, showing depth with its low-slung bassline. Brilliantly manipulated vocal sample make a truly infectious groove and a monster of a track.

- Made Me
Things get dark and deadly and effortlessly sleek. Clear crisp shuffling drum patterns and a bassline which gently distorts and morphs. Each sound echoes around the deep omnipresent bass, surrounding you completely.

Solace - Occam EP [IA017]

01 / Solace - Drowning In Shadows
02 / Solace - Occam's Razor
03 / Solace - Deep Roots
04 / Solace - Made Me

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