Quentin Hiatus - INQNH Vol. 6 [Free Love Digi]

Quentin Hiatus - INQNH Vol. 6 [Free Love Digi]

Ancient and unborn sparks, hear me now as I relate the tale of the firstborn son of Quintonius, the sage you know as Quentin Hiatus.
He grew in the womb as a thought in the mind, springing forth like Athena from the skull of Zeus.
As a young spirit, he ran with the Wolfpack, taught each day to Ride the Snake and Jump-Off from the jagged cliffs of hesitation.
Earthborn children told stories and called him Beastman, scurrying into the night in fear of him.
As the years past, he cultivated the Solo System and emerged from the wild, determined to Experience the Mysterious.
Guided by the great master Sophos, he mastered the art of Formtranse.

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Quentin Hiatus - I'm Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 6 [Free Love Digi / FLD066]

01. Quentin Hiatus - Episode 2 (Original Mix)
02. Quentin Hiatus - Back Stabbin (Original Mix)
03. Quentin Hiatus - Excuses (Original Mix)
04. Quentin Hiatus - Savage Levels (Original Mix)
05. Quentin Hiatus - Get Off Me (Original Mix)
06. Quentin Hiatus - Expert Opinion (Original Mix)
07. Quentin Hiatus - Sleepy (Original Mix)
08. Quentin Hiatus - Simone's Game (Original Mix)

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