Vote Labour on December 12th

I really do not know what to expect from the vote though. People are number one unpredictable at times, it's a total lottery.

So many things to consider for them. The senile on BBC are pro-Brexit Party, forgetting Farage wants no part in major government.

Farage is just a jester, an impersonator of the Monster Raving Loony Party, the clown Prince of politics.

Ultimately Brexit exists as an anti-austerity rivet on television to provide dramatic entertainment to the pre-millenial generation.

In my opinion, a lot of these public members have completely erased their own memory by believing the art of the one-shot headline.

It was pioneered in a phillistinic sense by papers like The Sun as a dubious entendre to genuinely "on the money" spoofs like Private Eye.

But that was the early eighties for you. I was a sperm in a ballbag then, I had limited vision.

...What really impressed me though, on the bright side was Channel 4's debate with everyone *except* Boris, who is being tactically avoidant.

Corbyn and the Green Party were joint reliable, SNP and Lib Dem courteous and children-friendly, and the Welsh MP reasonably understandable.
(As far as Welsh translation goes).

I hate how politicians ignore questions, but in this broadcast the whole lot of them were forced to draw a hand, forced to go to the wire.

Jo Swinson is all in in poker terms with potentially disastrous consequences I should advise- and stupid at that, a "that's Thatcher with a walkie talkie". Her lack of complete policy and drugging negativity about other politicians is a total joke, and though not, a waste of a political tactical vote and public expenses. That's why I'm actually binning even more neoliberal stuff - aka Red Tory - material than anything else, because it's highly poisonous shit. Boris is peddling it, so is Swinson. I voted Corbyn by proxy in 2018, there was only traces of hope for Labour. Now there's a much bigger chance of Labour getting in office.

You know you're not legally required to like Jeremy Corbyn in order to vote for him right?


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