MIX The 2019 Omni Sessions - Volume 9

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The Omni Sessions continue with more space-age rhythms and hypnotic sounds, designed to launch your consciousness into the stratosphere.

[Image: db8f-4afa-45f5-a13e-40be3f898246]

Nitin Sawhney – Heer (V2 Music)
Peron – Dreams are Moving Small Notes (Omni Dub)
Fonetick Lee – Amorphus (Omni Dub)
Ibunshi – Counterpart Theory (Omni Dub)
Parallel – Running (Omni Dub)
Ibunshi – Echea (Omni Dub)
Rainforest – One with the Universe (Mettasonic)
Awake FM – Deactivated (Omni Dub)
Schoco – With You (Omni Music)
Sonic Art & Fonetick Lee – Crystallized (Omni Dub)
Schoco – Silence Around Us (Omni Music)
J Plates – Telepathy (Omni Music)
Sonic Art – Landscapes (Omni Dub)
Source K – Lost Signal (Omni Dub)
Marc OFX – When Do I Stop Flying (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Fools Wisdom (Mettasonic)
Schoco – Behind the Stars (Omni Music)
Source K – Horizon (Omni Dub)
Ibunshi – Boltzmann Brain (Omni Dub)
Fonetick Lee – Ramen Android (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – It's You (Mettasonic)
Source K – Star Arena (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Sakura (Mettasonic)
Awake FM – Atlantis (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – The M1 Track (Mettasonic)
Source K – Genesis (Omni Dub)
Schoco – Pressure Rising (Omni Music)
Awake FM – Moon (Omni Dub)
Sonic Art & Fonetick Lee – Crystallized (Abstract Drumz Remix) (Omni Dub)
Awake FM – Orion (Omni Dub)

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