MIX DJ Muttley Sub Version - Xmas Mixes Drip-feed


Hi friends on SC and guests,
here is a jazz mix with the anything goes style of jazz djing.
Quite gothic elementally, a bit post punk, but no real indie filler here.
All of the sounds have been truncated to -10 wide Ambient pitching.
seeing as i'm an ambient musician.

I like the track selection, which I would describe (along with the mixing sections) as intensely contemplative.

expect more in this vein across the 12 days of Christmas count down.
Some will be happier than others.
I will not be giving this to attendants of the Bridewell Gardens Xmas meal celebrations.
you can understand why upon listening.

let dee rollin' Freddo Frog selekshun box thread commence.
Bing Laden Selekta. Hahaha

This secondary post is reserved for DJ Muttley - Smurf City Mix Tape, a good time mix about electronically effected ambiance from the 1960s onwards. Expect Jan And Dean, Sobek, Megadynasty 4 and Sileni remixed by Titonton.

Muttley - Pot Noodle Express

Angel Olsen - Hi Five
Artificial Intelligence - Desperado
ASC - Snowstorm
Ags Connolly - I Should've Closed The Book
Colleen - Sun Against My Eyes
Pieter K - Trefusis Point (Remix)
Breakage - Drowning
Photek - Rings Around Saturn
Cartridge - Just Let Go

(22nd December 2019, 10:55)Muttley Wrote: Cartridge - Just Let Go


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