SCI / TECH Brain Drain: A Thought Article 28012020

28012020 - Brain Drain

I have been feeling very strange about the space-time continuum. To take off the Hawking film (Steven), the part and theory
about black holes being like transients environmentally from one world to the next; portals, in senses, in other words.
But it's not just that.
It's not just that at all.
The implosion theorem aspect of the term IT (normally standing for information technology) has riddled me now.

I can no longer go through days without extreme doubt and concern over what starts as absolutely nothing. No facts needed.
This is like a break in the clouds at one length; a break in sanity at another. Generally, the result is madness.
Not entropy. Not ecstacy (in mood). Just madness. Is neutrality madness? Perhaps madness is happiness?

This is a bipolar assessment. It has no solid grounding. This is fiction. People's brains are fiction. We are fiction.
Is that an entropic, woe-is-me, woe-is-humanity way of seeing things? Na. It's almost completely non-philosophical.
Philosophy was always about sound questioning. Not pulling rabbits out of hats all the time. That's being a magician.

I think the main issue I'm having with updating myself is the naturally bipolar aspect of people like me. Almost all.
I am not asking for help; I have gone completely private with most of love ever since everything became too fast (life).
Things became too fast to handle in the media, bigotry and racism is at an all time high; entropy is not accepted easily.

My (and many other people, I used to always know before ensuing madness) natural state is neutrality; then entropy.
Basically, what most of us reading class as "normal".

It begs the question "wouldn't you like to know?" about me being any less than bat shit crazy about rationale and logic.
I have always been incredibly interested in philosophy. Not science, although science is part of it. Not politics. Na.
None of this is about the meaning of life (enjoyment). None of this is about the meaning of death/renewal (entropy).

I guess I'm just trying, with my family and friends, to find ways to get by.
A small document to amuse you. Ramblings of claptrap incarnate. Ungradeable philosophy. Diametric oppositorium. Brain drain.

"Take these hands and throw them in the river". Thanks, A Silver Mount Zion, for that title.


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