Do people who have made money off of G.C. Coleman's Amen ever feel guilty?

I know I would you fuckin limeys...  j/k (you call us 'yanks' just givin ya'll a taste)

I mean G.C. literally died penniless in his car.

With all these people makin dough off of amen tracks I'm just curious to ask any of you whove made a profit off of vinyl or digi amen tracks,


I am pretty sure no one who used to frequent this forum and made music himself ever got somewhat wealthy via his music. Whether Amen was used or not.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Here's an example of a bygone idiot who thinks their opinion and sarcastic insults qualify them some kind of moral outpost.
The amen is a fucking drum beat.
You are a dinosaur.
Want an insult back?


Your Mum made you.
It's called life, and that isn't even an insult by the way. Grow the fuck up. He didn't die penniless in his car, if you believe that you have never died.

actually he did asshat

I'm afraid you are barking up the wrong tree entirely mate. But just to humour your prehistoric dark ages mentality...

Creation is all around us. Steps have been made to progress. Science and progress. With progress we have science. They are inseparable bedfellows. Your mindset of dubplate culture nihilism and selfish greed like G.C. Coleman's bitterness before his supposed death - yes rest in peace, but give it a fuckng rest, I'm also dead - is entrenched in the kind of "me me me, give me all the money" of "dollar dollar bill 'yall" cringe yank culture, to humour your cringey attitude again.

You have not progressed. You still come back to this forum like a wet slug of negativity leeching off the lifeforce energy of positive change making people.
Also known as a troll. This topic is dead and buried. Much like your brain; in your ass. Take a fucking hike why don't you. You won't be missed. Maybe pray to a deity or something. A proper "amen".

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