MIX Electronics live mix (Queen, Clannad, Topic, Billie Eilish)

Across 60 minutes, I have put together an Alexa and mini soundsystem blend of Queen, Clannad, folk treatments from the Topic label, and Grammy winner Billie Eilish.
Who wants a copy of the mix?
Answers on a postcard please.


just post it up somewhere Xyxthumbs

I'll put the collage on MixCloud

Has a good variety of textural deficits..almost a decaying organism.

Trees Speak do similar stuff motorik-wise to this mix. They are a krautrock group you can find on Spotify.

(7th March 2020, 07:40)Muttley Wrote: I'll put the collage on MixCloud



Here you go English muffin! I got out of bed for you!



You're not obliged to tell me what you think either.

Glad 107 people at least are interested. 
I really don't like this set now.
No longer makes me feel good.
I loved it for a while, now I don't. 
Simple as that. 
I can enjoy this beautiful mess differently.
Where it matters to have listeners, SEO-lite "reaching".

Don't take it down though, because I haven't listened to it yet Oops

Don't worry, it's not being taken down. I like the mix, the issue is I don't love it. Usually I like, then love. Here I love, then like. Like a falling out of a unfaithful couple. Like normal people. I've always been blind, I've always been gay. There is no issue, but when you're symbiotically conflicted (blind and gay in standpoint) then sometimes your perceptions and taste goes schizophrenic.

The purpose of including Queen is to usher in signposts to bi (queer) and at that gay culture, because bisexuals are gays - they have made an explicit signification. Maybe because this is a topic close to my book's heart, I am quite taken aback by the positive response.

It's always a minority who are gay bashers. Nobody bashes Squatchlax, or I psychically bash their heads together without need for a criminal record. Om nom nom.

This mix made me appreciate the genius of Freddie Mercury, Enya and Marie Brennan all over again.

What it didn't make me appreciate is the empty selfishness of post Is It Just Me moneymakers and time wasters of this website. Edit: not the founders, the hangers on.

True that, but try and stay positive. We're only talking to a few here. SC's become like a Wiki for electronic music and indie cultures. There's no point raining on yourself because we're Ambient wallflowers, we do not expect a fanfare, and that idea is shallow anyway. Why do you think you are not good for contesting? Its because nobody wants to bother you.

Yes you're like a channeller love, your soulmates message is clear here. Thanks mate. Whoever you remain.

none of the founders are here anymore Wink

okay, scope perhaps pops in from time to time to update the software


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