Earlier on in the spring quarantine months, there were a few outbreaks in local, high rise, condo apartment buildings in my area. Entire apartment buildings were quarantined!!! Apartment owners rent the suites out as airbnb's for travelers, which were some of the sources of the earlier outbreaks in the condo buildings. Not cool.

Note to self.. don't live in huge apartment buildings. Just like a hospital setting, school, etc. the more people & traffic, more risk right? Fuck that noise. Office towers in my area limit the people per elevator ride in office buildings.. or however the hell office workers are doing it now??? So just imagine the same elevator risks if you lived in a 23 story apartment building. Some buildings & properties have janitors, others don't... up to tenants to police their own risks sometimes. Once again, wouldn't be cool if your entire apartment building was on lock down.

four articles from George Monbiot...

Could be a good read Statto. 
So...the daily news of 'Alloween is over. The impending doom sees light of the aftermath. 
Yet, now that we are fully globally locked down until the end of November it seems, there is much to preclude the exact measurements. 
I am pretty sure, that pubs and restaurants will stay shut. Lots of us have been erringly avoiding them for a time, not from choice, but danger. 
Rest assured, I always enjoyed a good pub crawl whether one or three pubs in a night. We'd see everything (and sometimes, too much). 
But that will be called to a close (for now). There is a lot of danger there. Not just the virus, but strange incidences. Things magnified beyond gentle. 
None of my family have caught the virus. That's good news to me. Flu at best, but not testing positive. There's a lot of germs going about. 
While there's not much to be said about the rigmarole of travelling, there is a lot to be said still of transmission and altercations of mindset. 

I don't mind the lack of socialisation, in fact I welcome it. 
In any case, my family still had a good Halloween. 
There are much more pressing things to think about than viruses, cocaine, mind-bending drugs, flu injections, aggressive wasters and trolls incarnate.

So, it seems that I recovered from illness. It's been over 1 week since I stopped to have most of symptoms (like unexpected tiredness/weakness phases in the afternoons), however full return of sense of smell appeared only around last Wednesday. Thanks Statto for your kind words after my previous post.
We've been rather lucky and had quite soft course of disease. Last weekend I hit the road on my MTB bike and seems that I'm able to breathe during physical activity the same way as I was before the disease (which means I am able to ride as slow as before Grin )
Here in Poland we don't have the full lockdown yet, but clubs, gyms and pubs are closed, restaurants can only serve takeaway food. Maybe the government doesn't want to announce full lockdown in order not to escalate anti-government protests which finally started to take place in whole country last week (and continue everyday since then). Currently we have around 15000-20000 new confirmed infections each day, around 25-30% tests turn out to be positive. Having such high numbers of infections makes it very hard to tell when we can expect to go back to normal life.

(2nd November 2020, 19:22)Dinsdale Wrote: So, it seems that I recovered from illness. It's been over 1 week since I stopped to have most of symptoms (like unexpected tiredness/weakness phases in the afternoons), however full return of sense of smell appeared only around last Wednesday. Thanks Statto for your kind words after my previous post. 


"if your strategy is relying on healthcare, you’re going to lose. It’s like leaving your goalie alone on the pitch... Infectious disease prevention is all about the layers you put in front so that someone never arrives at a hospital."


@Dinsdale: great that you're doing better Wave
Music critic for the Tally Ho

What a great way to contradict yourself in the same sentence and say nothing about everything at the same time. That reporter is a complete nincompoop.

But yeah, back of the net, Alan Partridge.

I started working again over the past 2 weeks. I purposely took an overnight shift to have LESS STAFF around. I might work with 3 - 7 other people per shift depending on the night, that's it. The hours might be temporary, I do have future options to change to daytime hours if needed, but I am ok with late night shifts for now. Once again, I purposely took the overnight shift as a precaution to hopefully minimize the risks of being around numerous people. And yes **athletic, sports face masks (Adidas, Under Armour, and similar sports brands) are great for extended wear - I fully recommend an athletic brand face mask if you can find em - soft on the face, like athletic clothing, meant to keep your skin cooler when possible.

We'll see how things go.

(3rd November 2020, 14:56)Muttley Wrote: What a great way to contradict yourself in the same sentence and say nothing about everything at the same time. That reporter is a complete nincompoop.

where's the contradiction? Baffled

and she's not a reporter:


The presidential recount was a bit of a shambles. 
It's difficult having an ex-president who treats life as a super size soap opera. 
I'm surprised Donald didn't disappear down his golf pitch hole. 
Instead, he disappeared up his own ass.

Let's face it...all this stupendous trolling and capital letters is what really amounts to nil. 
Trump lost the vote by over seven million votes. Not hundreds. 
While it is good to laugh at the freak show of it all, it's hardly the season for it, is it.
It's not really funny any more when "fake news" becomes like a one trick pony of a idea.

Sure real news has its place. As does misinformation so common to any presidency. 
What's this doing in a Covid-19 thread? Well, just read the reports, say no more. 
In short the absolute demolition job on public relations, not to mention the tennis match with the press for three solid years, means phenomena like what is known as the red zone...doesn't even concern most people. 

Let's face it in one sentence, for those who were there...Trump is John Cambridge.

in case anyone had forgotten the utter uselessness of the UK government...

Icon_evil Icon_evil Icon_evil

I don't venture out in the world much as of late. I refer to local reddit posts for examples of insanity.


Where to start, ^^ on top of local conspiracy propaganda seen posted around the city:

Within my local area

- anti-mask protests, marches continue. Seems to be the new hobby. Trump obsessed western Canadians hell bent on not covering their mouths with fabric WHEREVER possible
- mothers @ said marches putting their children between themselves on police while getting a scolding (.. many schools are closed, why not bring your 8 yr olds to anti mask rallies? Daily family outings solved!)
- reports of a man shouting at other customers in a convenience store in protest of face mask bilaws proclamating that the covid vaccines contain HIV
- citizens of Alberta launch failed lawsuit @ Alberta provincial government for "cancelling Christmas" due to covid health restrictions. Dismissed.

I kid you fuckin NOT.

over here in England it's more a case of...

Blaming the public for a rise in Covid lets the government off the hook

Austrian Gov is just as shitty. We had major "lockdowns" here in March/April. Then situation got way better, but in Nov everything went catastophic again (despite Mask mandates and restrictions), and worse - useless government didn't do shit to protect the elderly in nursing homes where a second wave broke out. They didn't buy better masks for nurses, had shortages of sanitizers etc. And now the gov demands useless mass-testing. mostly bc a buddy of the prime minister (who is called chancellor here) is providing those tests. Incompetent assholes and idiots, allaround.
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A docu-catalogue of the UK government's mistakes on COVID-19 (set to annoying synth noodling)...

Good news is that O.K., Trump has stopped working with the alert zone. He has turned out his lights. The White House cutting all ties with Trump is just bollocks though. 

Look forward to the rematch. Eric Pickles can stew tea. 

But right now, don't be surprised if another philanthropist like Tony Blair shows at Downing Street.  
Labour is in tatters. They'll need people to invest time in their own shit and mess with the alert zone for Labour, instead of overdosing on armchair socialism.

from what i can gather from that cygnus report, the triagulate phenome is a specific three-pronged jurisdiction towards pandemonium opposition.

put simply, the triagulate report talks about three possible things talking about something else - say a strange disaster, such as a pandemic, occurring.

In other news, it's not long until Al Jazeera's head minister gets booted out. 

Yoruwe his name is. Apparently inciting indifference and conceit. 

A lot of nutters in the middle East. 

What did I say Roy what did I say?

Back to pandemic... sleepless nights generally in the UK.
There's less understanding of small details now, because the vaccines are under way full scale.
Hence moaning and doom-mongering about how it's all gone wrong instead of stating the facts seems silly really.
Let's face it, yet again...everyone's entitled. Everyone has an opinion.
But currently we may as well centralise all efforts into as few places as possible.

Why do this? Minimize the hatred, minimize the "screw this show I thought this was all real!" Jesus and Pals campaign.

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