RELEASE FR & Longformacus - The Dangerous Pike project

Muttley SubVersion presents a full album's worth in progress by the over time developed Dangerous Pike alias, aka FR (Foci's Right) and Longformacus (long-form improv) dual-type. 

What are we looking at here? The artwork is the recently aired on this forum "Snakes And Lathers" finished digital oils painting. Very primitive, designed to depict a tame snake pit. Snakes are all around us, visually, if you just remember anything streaky, other than a stick, resembles a snake for the most part. Whatever, I always had a love for pikes and mandrakes. 

The idea "Dangerous Pike" is an insider joke based on "you stupid boy!" from Arthur Lowe's Captain Mannering character in the classic Dad's Army 60s comedy. Pike is the youngest recruit, so the idea is to pretend the pioneers (or pikes) are actually dangerous in battle, or aggressive, when they're not. Like many ecosystem creatures, a drake (based on ancient Kraken dragon snake technology from the inverse future, that is not a joke, it depends on what you know) or a pike (either anaconda crusher or python biter types) only attack prey for acids inside it. Hence you can actually tame a python or anaconda for proper rehoming in a zoo or nursery by normal acids radiation. 

I don't recommend you go and look for one, though. Anyhow, in this project I'm being heavily influenced by snake auditory canals, snake hearing being some of the best hearing available, and the sounds made by happy snakes. Enjoy the results, without the worry. Smile

Love, Mike xoxo

173 views and no interest?
Only joking. 
New content for this album already done.
You'll have to ask someone else though.

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