Omni Music presents it's 200th EP, with an extended release of label owner Eschaton's beats. This release features a selection of VIP and radio edits of earlier tracks; plus a couple of rediscovered short pieces to blend the soundscape into a longer coherent narrative. As usual, expect deep atmospherics, crisp rhythms and a healthy dose of ethereal soul. Omni Music would like to thank all those who have allowed them to get to this milestone and we stay determined to aim for another 200 EP's.
Original versions appear on Advection Music, Audio Theory Records, Reminiscence Records and Materializm. Check those fantastic labels out for more deep music.

[Image: a4154696956_10.jpg]

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(31st May 2020, 07:48)Euphony Wrote: Omni Music presents it's 200th EP

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