Recommend some "Chill / Chill out" albums please!

During the past few months i have been listening more to "Chill" and "Chill out" music, please can subverts recommend their favourite albums.
Classic albums and the not so well known albums also.
Muttley hopefully you will have a good list of albums!

this one immediately came to mind, the first track mainly...

St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart 

Still slays the majority

(19th June 2020, 21:32)DJ ML Wrote: During the past few months i have been listening more to "Chill" and "Chill out" music, please can subverts recommend their favourite albums.
Classic albums and the not so well known albums also.
Muttley hopefully you will have a good list of albums!

^^ will you be smoking or not.. ?? 

for real, as posted just now on the forum, check the Moodymann Motown mix I posted and the new lp is like butter.  

top 2020 highlight release for sure.    Yes

Frank Cochois / Timewriter fan for life it seems. He seems to be publicly inactive as of late, and he hasn't done a Lazy Sundays mix session for a couple years, maybe never again (?), but they are ALL worth checking out from over the past years if you haven't listened. I've spent many, many hours within Timewriter, Lazy Sundays. In general, Timewriter releases are etched into my heart.

Check the soundcloud for the Lazy Sundays mixes, while seemingly inactive within making music & djing, sir Cochois seems to reply to comments on the soundcloud - thankfully, he's still alive. Lots to check out, & extremely collectible if you can still grab em. Have fun!

1.Fortune by Little Dragon
2.Body Good by Toddla T
3.I'm Not a Robot by Newcleus
4.Long Been Gone by Submorphics
5.Afterglow by Wilkinson
6.Thais-Meditation by Jules Massenet
7.Where Did the Night Go by Gil Scott-Heron
8.Heart of Gold by Neil Young
9.W.E.L.F.A.R.E. by Antonio Castro
10.All About House Music (Acapella) by Noir
11.Nummern by Kraftwerk
12.Cassa de X - Deep Dish Does X by Elastic Reality
13.Alabama Blues (1965 Mix)by St Germain
14.S&G by Deco Child
15.Secret Affair by Detroux
16.Should Be True by Phaeleh
17.Rumble in the Jungle (Full Length Version)by Fugees
18.Hours by Freddie Joachim
19.Halloween Seance by A Man Named Jonz
20.Music Is Music by Technimatic
21.Apricot Morning by Quantic
22.Early One Morning by Stereo MCs
23.Stained Glass Fresh Frozen (feat. Mara TK)by Julien Dyne
24.CreebinbyJulien Dyne
25.It's Gonna Get Better by Genesis
26.Dissapear by Sekuoia

Knxwledge in general.

hours to sink into.

Knxwledge, "1988" lp, March 2020

00:00 don’t be afraid
01:34 [bc] tm’s not promised
02:28 do you
05:17 that’s allwekando
06:15 listen
07:29 learn
09:11 howtokope.
10:17 with[reality]
11:11 uonlygetone
12:06 solivelife
13:42 be safe
14:42 watchwhoukallyourhomie
16:12 theykome&go
17:46 don_tgottabe
19:56 gangstallthetime
21:54 believeme
23:01 itkanbe[sonice] feat. NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge)
24:45 makeuseofthetime
26:03 makeitliveforever
27:54 awomanslifeislove
29:09 amansloveislife:keepon
32:29 minding my business feat. Durand Bernarr & Rose Gold

In the last 3 weeks, I bought "Live At Fabric" and "Black Sands" vinyl by Bonobo.

I listen to music mostly via youtube these days, and I've been listening to lots of Patrick Cowley. He was best known for his electronic disco/High NRG stuff I guess but he also produced lots of excellent electronic music one could call !chill out" - here is an example:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Yeah, Patrick Cowley is great. He has a chillout/Ibiza ambient record called "Salad Days", reviewed in The Wire in the last thirty years or so, that is well worth listening to. I think that is on YT; I nabbed it legally from eMusic when available.

Yeah so, to not be cynical about adding stuff here, I made a mixset by removing some older sets from my phone's contact microphone recordings yesterday evening, just after I had got in from shopping and buying Black Sands on black crack format. I mean, I back everything up as I go, I just had to re-jig my internet link PC to stop syncing my Dropbox so that it would constantly download a copy of stuff I have for private listening.

As a result, I'm able to offer subverts this .m4a (Apple/Microsoft PCM crossover format, compressed) of the microphone mixset I described.

I have decided to call it "Only Love Can Break", after the main track in the set, and the first thing that came to mind to recommend here for me actually: "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" by St. Etienne. I have a story about that, I was around four or five years old and got lost in a department store, a parent tried desperately to find me, and St. Etienne was playing, and it was one of the first proper call-and-response moments I had with radio: "I have a friend I've never seen; he hides his head inside a dream; someone should call him, to see if he can come out; try to mix again 'cos he's found".

As such I decided to add a few found sounds to the track selection: windchimes; water filling up; coffee cup cloud making; yoghurt pot scraping; bag rustling - I find these natural sounds add to recordings rather than take away from them. And because I was hungry and thirsty of course :teeth:

It's a great set according to my offline mates. Here's SC's link:

I don't have anything to leech from that backlink I'm afraid, no porn, if you're a weirdo, and no "dubs" (shit music).

Enjoy, to the rest of you. My health is improving. This mix has a lot of tracks that help my mental health.
Chillz ze out!

Track list:

01. St. Etienne Radio (3 Tracks)
02. Bastille - Laura Palmer
03. Angelo Badalementi - Laura Palmer Theme
04. Slow Club - Wanderer (Wandering)
05. Bonobo - Animals
06. Found sounds >> Taps, water, feeding, drinking

Smile Smile
Thanks for all your replies and recommendations far, much appreciated!

I have been more listening to individual tunes played on radio than actual albums.
Both Cafe del mar live radio and smooth Chill on DAB 

One album i did play today was; this absolute classic! Cool

Some artists worth checking, and sources:

The Flashbulb (This Is The Flashbulb on Spotify)
Smooth, tinkly pianos, glitchy drums and slow codas. 

Bing Satellites
You know Brin's work already, do remember 210 release catalogue can be bought for £30 here

Particularly for "Lovely Head EP (Spotify)", "Felt Mountain", "Tales Of Us", "Black Satin Tears" (if you can get hold of it, it's an import). 

DJ Trax
Of course: tracks from the "Rhythmic Delusions" album. I have that album backed up somewhere - ask Dave for MP3s on here I guess?

Macc, Paradox, Nubian Mindz:
A few tracks spring to mind: "Who Knows" (Make:Shift "On The Lam" compilation); "Earthloop" (The Mezozoic Era); "Control Teknologies" (SleeperSounds vinyl).

That's right ML, and Boards Of Canada group on CrackBook is well worth signing up to as well. It's one of the only reasons I still read FaceBook.
Global Comms often get reco'd there. And I discovered The Flashbulb on Spotify at last through them this morning, and it's great programming.

From Discogs, about Kettel

Real Name:
Reimer Eising
Kettel is Reimer Eising (born 1982), a self-described “elixir-brewing, camping-loving and musicmaking sorcerer-to-be.” He is well-known for his playful, spontaneous melodies and organic folk sounds similar to Aphex Twin, Jega, and Plaid.
He has also collaborated on several projects of various remixes and compilations on his many record labels.
Bandcamp, SoundCloud, MySpace,,
Reimer Eising, Undecipherable
Viewing All | Kettel

[Image: A-2396-1516308154-8964.jpeg.jpg]

Dennis Huddleston [36] has sent me an email link for the "Ego Death" EP. It's more like an LP. Very similar to the melodic drones of "Stasis Eject [Version]". Awe-inspired add-ons to his catalog, and also very very chilled out.

in terms of my own "producer/musician/engineer" style music, the closest I have come to a set of "chill out" records is this series:

"Neurondisiac" (3 volumes) [2016-2018]


1-central nervous system section
2-amygdala section (fan club only)
3-nerdstrovertlivescenery (live jamnation)

all still available at

in a shop you'd pay close to my yearly subscription price [£15] for one double volume

luckily for everyone, I'm a lot more generous than that, so you get 100+ more fully realised eps/lps on top [the full archive].

and if you sign up at any point, you get complete access to my network of sketches and synchro ideas - cool huh? Grin Wave

1. here is one for the "JAZZY CHILLERS" or some such - This Is Wayne Shorter on Spotify.

I am currently recording "central nervous system section", "live at fabric" by Bonobo, and Wayne Shorter streamed through my Echo Dot, in the same room.

to have a definition of chilled music purely symmetrical, and to that extent, approachable and accessible by many, at least in electronic music where everything is usually produced and processed, i recommend the Planet Mu label run by Mike Paradinas. these artists:

early Venetian Snares
eDIT [Crying Over Pros For No Reason lp]
Solar Bears [Solar Bears EP]
u-ZIQ - Duntisborne Abbotts Soulmate Devastation Technique
Lone - Reality Testing lp [don't know label though, think it's R&S]

so i would mention the R&S [not Rhythm and Sound, totally unrelated] label as well, for releases by Synkro in downtempo and such. Also, these artists:

Boozou Bajou - 6 lp
Eraldo Bernocchi - Winter Garden lp [in collab with Robin Guthrie and H. Budd].
to complete this entry: "After The Night Falls / Before The Day Breaks" lps.


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