staggered posting thing

By the way, Jesus, can we get rid of this stupid staggered posting thing once and for all? It's not like this is a prisoner forum, or we have a influx of psychopaths on the forum, is it? Nobody is going to bump shit ad infinitum like DOA. If this continues I might leave this Thatcherite mong-fest forever. One can only take so many posts getting hidden like a fascist militia pretending to have army credits and contain covert information. It's pretty sad and utterly pointless.

(6th July 2020, 14:55)Muttley Wrote: By the way, Jesus, can we get rid of this stupid staggered posting thing once and for all?

What "staggered posting thing"? Confused

The updating problem. That is normally reserved for admins with high workloads...whereas you guys have 2-10 posts a day between the whole team at best.
I'm saying you don't need it, and that I think you should get rid of it.
When was the last time someone like Ashes came and blathered endless trolling of people on this forum?
Eventually people get bored with arguing with themselves.

(6th July 2020, 18:06)Muttley Wrote: The updating problem.

I don't know what that is either Oops

Do you know how to change a lightbulb Jonathan?

There is some sort of caching problem with the forum, where visiting the site will bring up a non-updated page from several hours back.

In fact the other day I came on only to see myself logged on as +ToRMeNT+ at the top right, i mean i'm sure I wasn't actually but being served some sort of cached version that was rendered for that user

So something's quite not right
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Refresh usually overcomes that type of problem. As for anything else, I don't have the admin rights to fiddle with the forum software and wouldn't know what to do anyway.


Yeah, refresh works. It's still a pain

You must have this, but not configured properly

I agree its not necessary for a forum with slow traffic as this, perhaps would be best removing in full?
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