Blind Test // 90s Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle (Electronic Beats TV)

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Blind Test // 90s Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle (Electronic Beats TV)

Telekom Electronic Beats: 

"For this, the fifth episode of our widely popular Electronic Beats TV Blind Test series we have a nice Line-up of well know artists and new talents. Fabio, Bailey, Klute, Tim Reaper, Djinn and DJ MUSTBETRUE play our favourite electronic music guessing game. We’re rewinding back to the 90s for some Drum ’n’ Bass and Jungle goodies and as always, please try for yourself at home.

Please note that this video is not filmed in real time. It’s edited to create some tension so that you in front of the screen can guess as well. It doesn’t say anything about how fast the participants recognised the track etc.

All contestants receive one point for both artist and title correct, but only half a point if they can only guess the artist or the title."

Try the blind test and let me know what you got. Try to avoid spoilers for those who haven't done the blind test yet. I used to be able to ID most of these by heart or by catalog number, but I haven't maintained my knowledge over the years. I remembered most of the tunes, or that they sounded familiar, but I thought that it was the wrong label or artist name a couple of times. In a few instances I didn't remember all the necessary information to be awarded the point. One or two times I thought that I knew the name of the artist, but was way off.

I actually maanged all except the Proper Talent tune from the Beginning. Great to see that SC-grad Tim Reaper finished ahaead of all the others score-wise.
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must have a go at that when I have time Xyxthumbs


(17th July 2020, 23:11)firefinga Wrote: I actually maanged all except the Proper Talent tune from the Beginning.

Ahh that was the same with me! Didn't know that one at all
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big up Tim Reaper - who was probably three or something when most of the tunes came out


Blind Test // 90s Techno #2 - Episode 6 (Electronic Beats TV)
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aka. how to be lanky and have swag..

I've never heard that W. Wilison, "The Juice" tune before ^^. Nice.


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