POLITICS Propaganda Beats as Life Reflections

I'm totally into the current idea of pro-Trump music, entirely a recent cultish, freaky sub genre. I'm enjoying it very much to be honest. Similar to previous, generations of pro-communist musics, which completely had its own niche as well. Political cult music, masquerading as many other things, sometimes trying to fit opposing flash points into the imagery & music - trap beats, (drug, now strip club soundtracks) with now supposed, Christian identified ideals for example - feels like a creative attempt at grasping at straws to get the point across. Creating the music itself, is truly a reflection of life, doing your part.  Much like social justice issues, gospel musics, and said, previous generations' communist soundtracks, etc, nothing new. Pro-Trump music is just an example of the latest fad. 


Is the music selling? Turning a profit? Is making money the point? Or is the cause the focus?   Chin Results still to be determined. 


I love this pop punk tune.





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