RELEASE ASC - Isolated Systems LP

absolute monster record

Drums Drums Drums

You cannot have isolated systems. You can only have isolated valves. ASC is obviously not an electrician. Ask a jack. 


He's still a genius, though.

So, being positive, what's the music like this time Stattzor? 
Plenty of blip bloop blip bloop? Lol

I'm afraid Bandcamp is being openly crooked about its subtotal and VAT surcharge. 

I've updated my Flash Player weeks ago, no audio. 

No tracking pre-arrangement seems very fishy too. 

Bad business. 

Don't take people's money out their pockets with fake figures, passive aggressive capital letters that offend people, passive aggressive caustic slurs in the track titles, and a sort of "let 'em ave it" $9.99, which, let's face it, is the biggest metric and imperial mathematical rip off in history. 

Why is that, my good children? 
Because 9.99 means in oldest ancient maths a nine figure investment. 
Take it from me, at age 15 I had already gained a A level distinction in Maths.

I have the opposite of a vendetta. I'm afraid but obviously not now bothered to invest because this is simply bot-like trolling. 

Speak for yourself, Aggrotha Christie.

Anyway, back to the topic.Awesome album, will bag it along with the EP released earlier on the next bandcamp friday. Great to see ASC back on the Astral Traveller LP vibe (however Isolated Systems seems to be much more complex and advanced). 
Look forward to hearing forthcoming ASC material on Over/Shadow.

I remember calling a mix "Overshadowed". Maybe I am actually incredibly advanced.
Or maybe I would just accept reality that the files here do not open, the music doesn't play, at all, the format code is pretending to be the famous author Stephen King and telling everybody who can access the darkweb which is run by an idiot of the braindead and wiped out Mafia Drugs Cartel in combination with Epsilon areas 5, 6 and 8 (ISIS) who try and ban people, tell people drugs are good, or just behead them without locking them up because the inmates wanted to be part of the LTJ Bookem Elite is beyond me.

Just try and ban me bent cops, my cock has more than codeine and by clucking its Fire Stream will knock your pirate server into orbit.

Knock one out. I'm Jim Carrie and having a kebab.

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