RELEASE [FABRIC] In general, Fabric releases 2020

Ez subvert crew, your bumping Resident Muttley here, 

Fabric label has had quite a resurgence this year. 

For the past five years we've seen mix CDs (proper ones) from Scuba, Roman Flugel, Amelie Lens recently. 

But the thing to top the lot - and I know subverts will appreciate this for the jungle - is the most recent two-disc, "Twenty Years Of Fabric". Paul Woolford, Source Direct, J Majik, ....

There is one techno album of unmixed tracks, and one including "Vigilante" by SD!

Doesn't look that impressive to me (it's the way I communicate; Downes)

Sold from £11.00 for a 2CD on Discogs Cool

The first disc is o-kay, very sparing techno with lots of technological virtuosity. 

It's also anti-wankery though. I'm looking forward to hearing the Shackelton too.

I made a little announcement for this thread on
The thing is with that site, it doesn't always work to connect me beyond editing titles (tiles) in a geometric pie graph set up.
What I wanted to do is to be able to use very very limited means to reconnect people with the essentials (Titles, tiles, ad hoc).

Essentially any other writer (including Lata and Khal, they are admin including Jonathan Statto, so can edit any time) can add bits.

I'm not hard selling or hard steppin' 'ere at all mon, I just liked the sounds of the first disc enuff to post about it. So nice. So dancey. Dance :wiggle: Dance Dance 
The techno is just what I like. 

In fact, esb would agree probably, there is a thing known as "Fabric Techno" these days. 

The stuff firefinga (SC bumper, member, historian) sold me (2 German/Austrian techno CDs, utterly priceless) is similar to this. 

Music on CD1 of "20 Years Of Fabric" has non-techno and non-dnb philosophy like Nina Kraviz and Maya Jane Coles. Amazing music. Even I think that stuff's amazing. I realized just now it's different to the *very standard* Janaelle Monae, Grammy winner. Similar name, but it's not the same act. Maya Jane Coles is like a very heavy Mount Kimbie. 

Perfect - and Fabric generally - for people who cannot stand wishy-washy, airy-fairy crap.

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