Omni Music presents the second 12" vinyl of Classics from the extensive back catalogue. This instalment features the incredible Blunt Needles with their epic moody breakbeat monster 'Sneer Off', Abstract Drumz's drumfunk beauty 'Panic', the stunning remix of Eschaton's 'Tao' from the talented Maff, and finishes with label owner Eschaton's drum-laden voyage of 'Time Shift'

[Image: 143973654_4919204531483182_4025169596246...e=6037E813]

We need 100 copies for this to go ahead and it's priced to match 100 backers with no profit made. Anything made over the 100 will be divided equally to the artists involved for their tireless dedication to their music.

Buy your copy and support Omni Music on this link:

when are we getting vol.1? Wave

The current estimate is that they will be shipped out at the beginning of April. They originally told me February, but, well, you know Roll


(29th January 2021, 13:56)Statto Wrote: when are we getting vol.1? Wave

was gonna ask that too!!

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