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Posted by: Euphony - 11th August 2019, 08:08 - No Replies


Pete Rann is back once again to deliver more funky rhythms and soulful breakbeat with an EP of 4 varied tracks. With a mix of Drum and Bass as well as summer-sounding funky breaks, this is another masterclass of how to create music that makes you smile. This is music for those hot summer barbecues, while you sip your cooling drinks and nod your head to the heartfelt grooves.

[Image: B1y0yW7.jpg]

Available now at:


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  the best beginning to an LP...
Posted by: Statto - 9th August 2019, 12:32 - No Replies


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  Attn DJ ML
Posted by: firefinga - 8th August 2019, 09:07 - Replies (1)

The following is being rereleased, I thought it might be up your alley, ML:

Also available via Redeyerecords Smile

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  Starkey - New Theia: Tomorrow - August 2019
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 6th August 2019, 21:54 - Replies (1)


[Image: a1615829028_10.jpg]

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  Subvert Centralship 2019/20
Posted by: Statto - 4th August 2019, 12:41 - No Replies

if anyone new wants to enter, the SC league code if s5dkop


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Love Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - Super Son - 1977
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 1st August 2019, 04:16 - No Replies

I just heard this on the radio.


Cara A:
1- Y Que Bien
2- Rico Melao
3- Pastel En Descarga
4- A Luna Lena
5- Con Aji Guaoguao

Cara B.
1- Son A Propulsion
2- Si No Fuera Por Emiliana
3- Ey!... Op. 1
4- Son Riendo
5- Super Son


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  new Rainforest EP on Mettāsonic
Posted by: Quest - 30th July 2019, 08:14 - Replies (1)

Mexico's top junglist, the artist who kicked off the label, is back for 009...which is out now!

Was gonna save Nine Nine Riddim for our first vinyl but he wanted to put it out now. Incredibly stoked on this release which has been bubbling up over the past two years. Peep the sounds...

Soundcloud Linky:

Bandcamp Linky:

All other stores in a month...

The title track is a free DL via DNBDojo. Our first release MSR001 with him is also a freebie.

[Image: QRkspEE.jpg]

if you like what you hear, feel free to give us a follow on facebooksoundcloud, or instagram.

artwork by lexi lei.
mastered by rodrigo alvarez.
100% of label profits to the needy.
thx for listening!

Big ups!

[Image: kDE3Mkv.jpg]

[Image: afMpxtE.jpg]

[Image: XeqhjUR.jpg]

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No way Mr. Raving Face appreciation, ya dun nuh
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 29th July 2019, 03:38 - Replies (2)

Mr. Raving face. 

I see you. 


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  Rutger Hauer 1944-2019
Posted by: Statto - 24th July 2019, 21:44 - Replies (6)


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  ATTN: esb et al...
Posted by: greenleaf504 - 24th July 2019, 07:37 - Replies (2)

Easy all! Been a minute. Hope all is well. Wave

This goes out to Danny esb and all Thrash Metal fans out there. New Orleans own Exhorder has returned after a 20+ year hiatus (OSLT). Xyxthumbs
Apologies, I forgot how to do the proper Youtube embedding. (Feel free to remind me and fix it if you like, Statto). Kisskiss

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