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  Youth Culture CD Series - Youth Culture 4
Posted by: Muttley - 19th April 2019, 15:46 - Replies (2)

Youth, sonic youth, yoof culture - love or hate any kind of youthfulness, this discovery on the Atmosphere label, it would seem, takes in 4 styles of breakbeat, big beat and Artcore dnb, for those who are intrigued. It's really really good!

Big Beat
Vintage Cuts
R&B Pop 

...are the areas the back cover time stamps.
A continuous unmixed 83 track compact disc.

Producers include Steve Everitt, Neil Pollard, J. Glover, Jules Bromley, Gresby Nash and others.

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  FL - Lexicon EP [Free DL] [Slow, electroacoustica]
Posted by: Muttley - 18th April 2019, 16:02 - Replies (7)

In the spirit of positive feedback about Subvert Central, with the denouncement of the forum template careening into a macro led /economy blog site after some years back, here's an update. I've been busy on music, as per, with a few reviews and Just Fiction book supplements here and there.

Three free tracks, by FL, yours truly, normally releasing on a subscription for fans only since 2012 or so, or around the time Bandcamp introduced the sub feature.

These are fine, noodly ditties that aren't really meant to see a proper release, they're just hospital music wanderings like my NHS themed music projects.

As such, feel free to drop them in mixtapes and stuff I do not see because of bandwidth of the internet; if you are an established musician too you know how this works.

In the end it's made me make better, more experimental music, but go back to my roots and Enosification at the same time, to quote an influence.

Which can't be a bad thing, really. Whatever makes people make good music, with complete lack of care for if it's successful or not, is a good thing in my books.

It's called being yourself. What I've needed to do for myself and my girlfriend because internal damage leads to prolonged self harm, regardless of implements or method.

All part of finding oneself as a person, I guess. Even if that meant talking to distant and not-so distant pals on my local area network, less so social media, because it's inane.

You know when glancing at Facebook for too long like TDD before it, I want to do a Picard facepalm at some of the crap we read? Luckily I have social media Lite versions.

This is not nasty finger-pointing or being internet police, it's more "There's an Orange Smoothie Riot!" Officer Barbrady black humour like South Park's Trey Parker.

Anyway, the music. Comes as

...192kbps MP3s.
This is the easiest storage format for me. Works for mixes, as they're compressed .wav, but is not as lossy as 128kbps, which I use for copying CDs in this day and age.
So many discs, so little physical and digital space. Let alone magical energy to summon putting tracks like these to any use.

I will add in the Dropbox links where you can directly download to your computer the three selected files.

Much love and warmth xoxo

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  Tom & Jerry - Limited Edition Vinyl Madness
Posted by: firefinga - 18th April 2019, 09:46 - Replies (6)

Interesting - and a bit saddening - thread over on the discogs Jungle forum regarding a current limited edition vinyl run of a Tiom & Jerry release.

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Posted by: Euphony - 14th April 2019, 07:49 - No Replies

The atmospheric wonder Okee returns to Omni Music with 4 more dreamy slices of soothing breakbeats. As always, expect serene melodies, drifting and soulful pads and crisp drum patterns to tease your ears with musical splendor. This is yet another exciting and timeless addition to Okee's ever growing universe of sounds, and we are eagerly awaiting his next sonic inventions.

[Image: hwbqt1.jpg]

Available from:


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  Interview with Subvert Logos
Posted by: firefinga - 13th April 2019, 08:28 - Replies (1)

Stumbled across this recently:


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  Lajwah - Apartment 9732 [Apri 2019]
Posted by: esb - 12th April 2019, 23:18 - Replies (3)

Here are some late night drive time vibes for you.  An hour mix of 80's inspired synth and as the title suggests... 
Blade Runner vibes on this mix.  Some tunes for your enjoyment!

01 - Hammer - Jupiter (Synths) - Correspondent
02 - Lauer - Arumba - Cin Cin
03 - Fort Romeau - Just - Permanent Vacation
04 - Ruth, Mushy - Polaroidd (Roman Photo Remix) - Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
05 - New Jackson - Every Home Should Have One - Permanent Vacation
06 - Joseph Ashworth - Trooper - Life & Death
07 - Red Axes - Shabak Shalom - Phantasy Sound
08 - The Golden Filter - Cut My Hair - 4GN3S
09 - Imperieux - Inat - Sum Over Histories
10 - New Jackson - The Night Mail - Maeve
11 - Fred und Luna - Tiefenrausch - Compost


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  J Majik - new album "Full Circle"
Posted by: firefinga - 9th April 2019, 19:30 - Replies (1)

Well, J Majik has announced a new album - and there is a track of this from the album obviously on his soundcloud page

which is pretty good!

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  Kemistry & Storm – the tragic story
Posted by: Statto - 5th April 2019, 09:28 - Replies (4)

decent piece Greenthumbu

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  PENRYN SPACE AGENCY PSA047 BREXIT SPECIAL w/ Fred de Chez WeMe <Live in the archive>
Posted by: Penryn Space Agency - 2nd April 2019, 20:40 - No Replies

#PSA047 : Brexit guest mix from Frederic Mergam de chez WeMeRecords includes a couple of exclusives from new signing Avian Vishnu - a new ambient project and collaboration between Heinrich Mueller and Aina

🔥 Hot tracks from these labels too:
Recognition Records Mol records Orphan. Records Nein Records PAN Renraku Global Media Enemy Records ENCHUFADA Nervous Horizon ESP Institute Warp Records #CunzDimension Bandcamp ElectricDanceMusic RegalRecords APMusik FirstcaskRecords TENDENSRecords Instigate Recordings KWAIOTO Records SneakerSocialClub Nous Disques FPE Records WesternLore Straight Up Breakbeat UncertainHour Skeleton Recordings KilchhoferAnklin HistoryAlwaysFavoursTheWinners        

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  The 2019 Omni Sessions - Vol. 1
Posted by: Euphony - 28th March 2019, 17:00 - Replies (1)


The Omni Sessions are back for 2019, so strap yourself in for some supersonic beats Grin

[Image: 153vfip.jpg]


Flatliner – Music for Computers (and Other Sentient Beings) (Omni Dub)
Electrosoul System – Quest (Kos.Mos.Music)
Meanone – Destiny (Omni Dub)
Fishy – Dreamless Sleep (Omni Dub)
Meanone – Intergalactic Rangers (Omni Dub)
Zengineers – At Sea (Omni Dub)
Fishy – Blue Shade (Omni Dub)
Zengineers – A World Below (Omni Dub)
Fishy – Osiris (Omni Dub)
Okee – Further Reaches of Space (Omni Dub)
I Wanabee – Take 5 (Omni Dub)
Limit – There's No Going Back (Dissymmetrical Music)
I Wanabee – Wrong (Omni Dub)
Losterased – Timewarp (Losterased Remix) (Kos.Mos.Music)
Dharma Kaya – Mystic Operator (Kos.Mos.Music)
I Wanabee – Believe (Omni Dub)
Jaskin – The Drag (Pinecone Moonshine)
Contact Lost – Algorithm (Bandcamp – Self Released)
Booca & Eschaton – Behind the Magenta (Omni Dub)
Contact lost – Atticus (Bandcamp – Self Released)
Greenleaf – Seventeen (Pinecone Moonshine)
Elementz of Noise – Alone (M Ocean Records)
Dharma Kaya – Purple Astronaut (Kos.Mos.Music)
Elementz of Noize – Electric Arcs Through Air (M Ocean Records)
K3Bee – Clouds (Omni Dub)
Wetman – Amaretto (Omni Music)
K3Bee – CBD (Omni Dub)
Flatliner – Don't Stop the Music (Omni Dub)




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