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Posted by: genki - 1st November 2002, 11:40 - Replies (8)

unttainable, yes, but a good thought to start this side of the forum. Icon_exclaim

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  BE AWARE! -> New users please read!!!
Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 11:35 - Replies (24)

welcome to the new underground resistance forum.......

this forum has been created solely as a place for discussion relating to real issues that any subversive should be aware of..............thus the scope of this forum is absolutely massive...........

we'll try and keep this forum bang on point with issues, and use subvert central as the general hangout....

remember there are many many things not portrayed at all, or portrayed entirely innaccurately by the mass media. we hope this forum will be educational to all who read it...............

likewise, just as with the mainstream media, everything your read or hear from any source should be taken just as a piece of information from which you draw your own conclusions. that includes this forum......

some basic rules for posting in this forum:
(these rules are by no means set in stone, and can be arbitrarily ignored or over ruled by any of the moderators. i will try not to crapper threads, but dont push me - cform)

1. general chit chat is a no no. thats what the main forum is for.

2. the conduct rules in the underground resistance are as stated in the faq above. personal insults and name calling will not be tolerated.

3. because the forum deals with issues that are contoversial and not accepted by all, please be tolerant in your replies. there is always 2 sides to every story. argument is encouraged so long as it stays informed and does not turn into a mud slinging match(see above)

4. thread content - repeat cut and paste threads will be crappered. we do not want 10 new threads a day telling us how some newspaper feels about the indian prime minister's new pet poodle. if you are going to post up articles from other sites, you must source the article with a hot link, and have some opinion on the article you are posting. random articles with no use or reason will also be crappered.


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  One For the Film Buffs ...........
Posted by: Altered Ego - 1st November 2002, 11:09 - Replies (40)

Lucio Fulci or The mighty Dario Argento ??

Discuss .........

i would have to say Argento just coz of suspira.

Twisted Twisted Twisted

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  who is what is?
Posted by: genki - 1st November 2002, 11:03 - Replies (9)

genki is back ^
genki is easily and logically build as a 3m span kite in one 4 m long rip
genki is eleven years old
genki is that he's full of energy
genki is 48 inches high by 12 feet wide
genki is a boy who lives somewhere in japan
genki is very much like venus in the fact that she abounds with energy and prefers sports over school
genki is being held by moo and just as holly finally gives in
genki is violently whipped by the jells with mocchi
genki is very distinctive
genki is just like operating the ikemi
genki is as genki does
genki is trusted by
genki is a wonderful treasure for me
genki is to improve the spirituality with ki energy
genki is honor to receive grand champion with our shiro utsuri for akca judging contest we just received our latest shipment of young koi
genki is just as popular for its noodles as its sushi
genki is a little clueless to this
genki is the only one who is trying to hold it up as the others run for high ground
genki is a young boy of about ten
genki is a cost
genki is a bit different from our standard "totemo" design
genki is a fabulous soaring kite that will fly in as little as two mph without the tails
genki is continuing to build a reputation for high quality and high performance around the world
genki is a group blog created by minki for her friends chiwai
genki is in the buckhead section of atlanta which is noted for being the biggest 'scene' in the city
genki is the kind of sushibar with a rotating band with small plates in different colours
genki is daydreaming about an international tournament of a playstation game
genki is a boy who somehow gets transported into the world of a video game
genki is a beautiful cat with some fun qualities
genki is beautiful in that purple dress
genki is a word often used in japanese conversation
genki is hard at work at the next entry in the tokyo xtreme racer series that premiered on the dreamcast
genki is a robot battle game
genki is new lord of magic champion
genki is known to have gone to kyoto four times
genki is my favorite "catch phrase"
genki is one of dozens of oxygen bars that have opened in japan
genki is not known
genki is
genki is a developer with a definite vision of nintendo 64 excellence
genki is traveling with his friend holly
genki is a versatile new component cd player from linn
genki is determined to raise mocchi correctly
genki is pretty much the main character of the show
genki is primarily known for its racing titles
genki is transported via a cd
genki is the developer of rally challenge 2000
genki is best known for its work on the jade cocoon series
genki is best known for their line of doom style games such as kileak the blood and the recent beltlogger 9
genki is part of our light wind arsenal and makes plenty of impact when other kites can not get off the ground
genki is pellet tyoe of manda nishiki
genki is one of the best low wind kites
genki is that monday i will start to trade print club with my students
genki is more polite than "genki desu ka" or just "genki" desu means "is"
genki is up
genki is interested in boxing
genki is a shrine to kurata sana of kodomo no omocha
genki is about to release the sequel in japan
genki is trying to do with it
genki is makoto's "son"
genki is able to enjoy motherly chats with her
genki is then fixing them
genki is "vigor" "energy" "vitality" and so on
genki is our flagship variety
genki is given until sun rise to say goodbye to his friends

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  Amen Greats?!?!
Posted by: Formula Inc. - 1st November 2002, 10:21 - Replies (51)

so you know now and then some mate of yours (or your mum) goes... hey man actually, what is an Amen??? which track would you dig out to go, hear this... that is an amen.....

here are a few of my prime cuts....

1) NWA - Straight Outta Compton
2) Lenny de Ice - We are I.E.
3) DJ Crystal - Meditation
4) Seba - Car Crash (if you've not heard this, hunt it down!)
5) Therapy - Loose (Photek Remix)
6) Omini Trio - Renegade Snares (i forget which mix - actually saying that you could be down wit it and play tru' the vibe too)
7) the acid track (just for tear down puposes)
Cool Fractue & Neptune's new one (i think if i just become an ambassodor for this tune, they;ll send it me sooner or later)
there's my 8

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  Conka Records .........
Posted by: Altered Ego - 1st November 2002, 10:19 - Replies (3)

So whats the deal with this i believe from the rumours flying round that none other than Louie will be running this shop ??

Any ideas of opening date ??

I trust there will be D'n'B on sale ??

Icon_question Roll Icon_question

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  Breaking News - ISH ..............
Posted by: Altered Ego - 1st November 2002, 10:16 - No Replies

I can't believe the tragedy Jam Master J from RUN DMC has been shot dead.

What is the world coming to ..........

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  omg massive respekt!
Posted by: smoking monkey - 1st November 2002, 04:05 - Replies (6)

i just had time to look at the site all in all and im highly impressed this is the nest designed dnb site i ever seen!bigs up to the ppls making the site!

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  work music
Posted by: jake - 1st November 2002, 01:44 - Replies (9)

usually if i need to get work done i listen to old no u-turn. i'm not in the mood for that today, so can anyone recommend me anything?

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Posted by: Jenn B - 1st November 2002, 01:08 - Replies (3)


Look... I'm cool

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