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  OK, IM New
Posted by: EMTEK - 30th October 2002, 13:40 - Replies (12)

Easy everyone

I crashlanded on this site via a PM from Scope on Dogs On Acid, I go under the name of Kase-One on there, an interesting site, will properly check it out as soon as my boss fucks off to lunch (on the snide)

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  Attn Blue .........
Posted by: Altered Ego - 30th October 2002, 13:36 - Replies (2)


You may remember our film discussion a while back about the weird films we have seen......

well i have stumbled upon a beauty its called "Nightmare in a Brain" have you seen it ? if so what did you think ?

Icon_question Icon_question Icon_question

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  hello everybody!!!
Posted by: haste - 30th October 2002, 13:29 - Replies (6)


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  So what you all think of this then ??
Posted by: Altered Ego - 30th October 2002, 12:52 - Replies (3)

do you like what i have done with my hair today ??

its new type of conditioner !!


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Posted by: Blue - 30th October 2002, 11:59 - Replies (30)


The next wave
Hi everyone,

Heres a quick news flash for the revamped Matrix and their flagship dnb night "Bassheads". Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who have supported us over the last 3 years and in November we are celebrating our third birthday.

I would like to give special thanks to Streetbeats for their continual support over the last two years by continuously slagging the night off on this site, and they wonder why they never got booked. Maybe the bad karma surrounding them is the reason why their tunes have got crapper and recent sacking from their distributers. Ask some of the top DJ's who have played at Bassheads and they will tell you what its really like

Well any way what comes around goes around. At Bassheads, only the DJ's who have got the right attitude and heart get booked. Bassheads has now teamed up with both Vinyl UK and Nu Urban music to make sure the event is always up to date with the freshest tunes and DJ's.

The club has been fully revamped, a new sound system has been installed and new decor has been designed. A forthcoming record label, Emission due for distribution through Vinyl UK is in the pipeline and will feature music from some very well known producers aswell as the hot up and coming talent from Reading.

We have been holding this back for some time but we feel now the scene is now ready to take on the labels philosophy and some of the new styles we have to offer. You'll hear more about where were coming from soon, there is alot to talk about. Early next year will be the first release

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Posted by: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - 30th October 2002, 10:46 - Replies (14)

after an interesting conversation last night.... we (no names mentioned, coughcough!) feel this should be discussed 201tongue

so yeah, discuss please.....

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  Who's that with the Menace t-shirt?
Posted by: Statto - 30th October 2002, 00:27 - Replies (16)

Big up the Transsexual Menace - Great British Chapter massive!


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  Downloading dubs and unreleased material
Posted by: Lata - 29th October 2002, 19:54 - Replies (10)

Hello, you all know the hoo-haa that Dan Fresh created over some Soulseek users downloading of unrealeased material from "Shot Down on Safari", well his mate Solo ( a Bristol IT guy) said that he'd done some jack move to block any Telnet port that tried to download the mp3s of the dubs. Is that possible (I think that it's all a load of made-up crap), and even if it is, does he have any right to disable the computer of someone who doesn't even know that Fresh didn't want the material on Slsk anyway? Surely this would incriminate Fresh if any hardware was damaged.

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  FAO Sir Loris Of Crowthorne - URGENTO!!!
Posted by: subvert - 29th October 2002, 18:29 - Replies (1)

hello my friend......

would you like to visit SBHQ for the evening, and have a farewell feast of spicy meata balls?

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  welcome to LXC Insideeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!
Posted by: strike - 29th October 2002, 17:46 - Replies (4)

greetings friend,

welcome to subvert central, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

:simp1 Alc Falcon :bustedthumb

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