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OUT NOW: CUNN - CUT THE MUSIC EP (CUNN001) - Euphony - 29th December 2016


Omni Music finishes the year with something completely different; the driving and intense sounds of Cunn. An artist with influences from all spheres of Electronica, this time he focuses on hypnotic hooks, ardent bass stabs and infectious beats. made squarely for the dancefloor, these tracks will shake the walls and ceilings with its feverish grooves.

[Image: CUNN_Cut_the_Music_EP_Front_Cover_web.jpg]

[Image: CUNN_001_Back_Cover_web.jpg]

Available now at:






With more stores to follow soon Smile

Happy New Year to everyone who has supported Omni Music, we wish you a prosperous future and will see you in 2017 Smile

All the best

Chris Eschaton