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[RELEASE] Profane - Drughms (Digital Wreka #007) - Profane - 26th August 2017

I have a new tune titled "Drughms" you might've heard some DJs playing recently, if not, there's a 'music video' below featuring one of my favourite video game genres, shoot 'em up bullethells! I think it matches well with the frantic beat loops.

If you like what you hear, you can download the tune at Bandcamp:

Big up and thanks for the support!
Dan Profane.

RE: [RELEASE] Profane - Drughms (Digital Wreka #007) - firefinga - 27th August 2017

Wave How nice of you Profane to pay us last few mohicans of SC a visit - that track is quite the trip! Xyxthumbs

Thx for posting Blue

RE: [RELEASE] Profane - Drughms (Digital Wreka #007) - Profane - 30th August 2017

Thanks. yeah I never forget my roots!

RE: [RELEASE] Profane - Drughms (Digital Wreka #007) - Statto - 30th August 2017