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AwakeFM - Navigator Ep (Offworld073) out now - LM1 - 27th January 2020

AwakeFM - Navigator Ep (Offworld073)

Release date: 27th January 2020

Audio HERE

Available now at:

Chris DiGiuseppe aka AwakeFM first appeared on Offworld Transmissions Vol 6 with his epic track `Archetype`. Now he debuts 2 tracks that sum up the Offworld sound perfectly.

Chris has been doing his show on Bassdrive for 4 years and  is fresh from his excellent LP on Omni Music.

`Navigator` is a futurebound melodic stepper with a positive feel. `Valkyrie` goes into a deeper mood while retaining an exciting melodic vibe.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

Art by Parhelia

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