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Rare for Regis sets to make it on the web, so enjoy!

[Image: regisafposter.jpg]

Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Bengalfuel - Chardovoyne
Ellen Allien - Dust Remixes
Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Slow gravitation from beats to those with vocals.

extremely solid mix from Snips. Classic Soma house smacked into modern day 125 bpm...


MC Snipples

what a fine name

Xyxthumbs Hahaha

Seefeel - Succor
Sylvain Chauveau - Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated)
Barn Owl - The Conjuror
Sun Araw - On Patrol
Leyland Kirby - Eager To Tear Apart The Stars
Demdike Stare - Voices Of Dust
Script B2B Crystl @ Technicality 26th August 2011

Andy Stott - Posers

Altus - 24 Hours

RxRy - 4eroport (Brian Eno Remix)

earman136: Nettless - Phobos And Deimos

Nicola Ratti - 220 Tonnes

Professor Kliq - Athene's Theory Of Everything - Full Soundtrack

Chris Inperspective - ImpulseCreator Corvinteto 13.05.11

Talvihorros & Matthew Collings - A Thousand Plateaus

This is my first listen of it and it's absolutely outstanding.

DIB Wrote:Talvihorros & Matthew Collings - A Thousand Plateaus

This is my first listen of it and it's absolutely outstanding.

All the recommendations in the "Ambient Lovers" thread I'm struggling to stay on top of already, but I'll endeavour to check this out.

Judee Sill - Dreams Come True - Hi -I Love You Heartily Right Here - New Songs

Really attractive cover photo, equally involving music, though the image isn't the artist herself. All the same, recommended 70s popstrel.

Nebula - The Prototypes Collection Vol.3

FTAL Mix 002 - Muttley - If Suddenly You Forget Me

Next thing I listen to will be this which I found in a cupboard and never knew I had it. Will be interesting to hear it.

Sleep ∞ Over– Forever


Hughes Publishing - Positive Theraoy

Expected New Age drones / subtle effects, received noodly Squarepusher-on-marshmellows levitation. Cool!

ASC - Deep Space 1

I was 17 when I first heard this; it hasn't aged. On with search.

Johann Johannsson - The Miner's Hymns

Great interview and review of the project that took 20 months to complete.

Fre4knc - Break-Fast Audio Showcase

That Macc release will be the first D&B I buy for a good year.

Nice tune Ming. I learnt all about the Large Hadron Collider from Lata in 2006-2007 (The) Dastardly Diaries.

Elm - Nemcatacoa

Solid instrumental guitar drone - thanks DIB.

Annastay - When I Feel Like This

Jarred me sequentially first time, now I really like it. Go listen:

Triad - Organic Guest Mix

The "Brainscan" one by ASC, tribal track before the vocal bit, and the female singing all did it for me there.

Marcus Mohall - Hinna EP

Good quality long-form drone in the vein of Steve Roach and Lexithimie.

Expo 70 - Black Ohms

Fuzzball doom trails from Justin Wright. I just reviewed his collaboration with Aaron Martin for Fluid Radio.

Portraits Of American Firing Squads - The Eternal Fear

...And this is next on my writeup list. Aphex-y harmonies with gradual noise masquerading.

lawrence English - The Peregrine, seriously one of the best albums i've heard all year, amazing.

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