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Muttley Wrote:You're no longer in there Sad2

I'm having an unconscious effect on people. Saw widzhit in there for 5 seconds when I came in just now, then he left. Hahaha

Muttley Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:You're no longer in there Sad2

I'm having an unconscious effect on people. Saw widzhit in there for 5 seconds when I came in just now, then he left. Hahaha

But you are still there. Smile

I sure am. Smile

Now in playing Actress - Ghettoville

Burial - Rival Dealer

currently playing:

Wire - Pink Flag



Playing music on random.

First session in 5 months from me at 11am GMT. Playing through some Wire #366 reccs on random.

Come join me!

First tune was St Vincent - Cruel, which I quite liked, even if it reminded me a bit of The Proclaimers - 500 Miles. Now is classical from Rand Steiger.
Reply had a little site update. Not sure, if for good, but it looks bit different now.



Actually thought about this DJ tool yesterday again. I hadn't thought about it for months again. Maybe I should do another selection.

The new design is a total fuck up. I can't log in with ither FB or email. Nm. I'll just listen to el Stat playing The Force Is Electric and assorted stuffs.

OK after trying stuff out on there for 3 hours the 'fuck up' is most definitely a positive one. They've made it better, end of.

Just logged out.

Need to try out this thing too at one point Wave
Music critic for the Tally Ho


Quote:It’s Time To Say Goodbye
In 2012, we set out to make a product for music fans that we knew people would love to connect through. Since its birth, has grown into a community of millions that have been on the forefront of musical discovery, with 20,000 new users trying out the service every day. We can’t begin to explain how much fun we’ve had on this adventure with everyone. We’ve made new friends with a worldwide audience, we’ve been introduced to genres we didn’t even know existed, and we’ve wooted more songs than we can count, but sadly it’s time to say goodbye.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough support through our subscribers to keep the site running month to month. We’re truly thankful for the donations we received that helped keep the site up until now. If it wasn’t for you, the site would have shut down 3 weeks ago. For the people who are currently subscribed, all active subscriptions will be cancelled today. At 3PM PDT we’ll be shutting our doors.
Thanks again for plugging in. It was a wild party!
The Team
P.S. For those looking for a playlist export tool:

So this thread can be un-stickied.

awwww Icon_sad


(1st July 2015, 21:46)firefinga Wrote: Need to try out this thing too at one point Wave

Never got around to try it, now it's gone Icon_sad

But then, I am an anti-social bastid anyways ...
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Btw, is back Icon_razz

Also this:

Quote:If you are a producer, artist, label rep, promoter, room owner, web-celeb or really anyone that can draw a crowd, and you're planning a event, please fill out this form to let us know about it.

First time logged back in with an Asian lady avatar, lol.
Statto, will you re-sticky this thread?
Tracklist forthcoming.
I plan to play some of Statto and Muttley's records of 2k16.
Come join me. Now playing: Kyle Bobby Dunn - Douglas Glen Theme.


Yay, let us get this party maintained for good.
Tracklist earlier was something like:

Eschaton - Sadhana (Foci's Left & Dredge's 'All Wired Up And Ready To Go' Remix)
David Gray - Please Forgive Me (Foci's Left Ambient Re-Interpretation)
Stars Of The Lid - The Artificial Pine Arch Song Mash Up
Global Communication - 12:18
end: about 60 minutes playtime.

Long form tunes to start the year, very tranquil and hypnotic. Lightness of touch type of stuff to tie in with the Winter chill and snowy British weather. Rainy day music in short. It's been raining in dribs and drabs all day. I went for a swim at the pool after - had a lot of fun.

There were quite a few people listening on Plug DJ stream as well - a confirmed max of 286, a fanciful max of 2,307. Smile
I plan to play during the week, around gigging possibilities and swimming fun at the leisure centre. Fe fi fo fum Baldrick, I smell a cunning plan.

Just announced a 1h session on my Twitter account to a trusted group of followers (I was getting a lot of spam).
First tune is

Zelienople - Parts Are Lost

second tune is "I Put All My Faith In Her"

Stars Of The Lid - Music For Nitrous Oxide LP

Foci's Left - J'aime (Original)
Goldfrapp - Stranger (FL Remix)

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