Embraced By The Anti Self... punk, metal, hardcore

There is a band I am reasonably unfamiliar with, called Anti Flag. I finally got my hands on one of their albums physically the other week: "Blood Of An Empire", I think it is called. They were the support act to hardcore metallers Alexisonfire and toured with Ghost Of A Thousand at the 02 Academy, Oxford in around 2011.

What I can say about them from that gig: mosh pit hardcore punk material, slightly similar to Prayers For Atheists whom cube on this forum introduced me to. Which almost makes them entirely skate-punk. In style, that gig was very unwieldy, slightly disorientating and full of goodness, dark goodness. Darkly coloured glass stuff. Like a mild ale. That experience at what was the UK legendary venue The Zodiac in Oxford, home to early performances by The Happy Mondays, Supergrass, The Stone Roses and many more alumni, was definitely a turning point for me to appreciate the gradients of hardcore in rock music more.

Real rock music. Rock music, as Statto said to rebuff Simon Reynolds book on the subject, that isn't about lyrics. That, really, is why we don't have true rock music any more. Bands like The Jam in the 70s and Pink Floyd around the same time polarised the genre in two opposite directions: the first punk, the second - and earliest foreward facing - prog. It, to quote the famous line, was the 'sign of the times'. Historically, as Flower Power phased out, so entered a continuum of pre punk granularity only delayed by the vestiges (money, gloss, glam) of preset template pop rock.

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