Recording cassettes

Thanks for the advice, Muttley. Frustratingly, I bought one of those dual-deck cassette players out of a charity shop a few years ago for £5. It was in perfect condition. Yet for some reason I took it back to the charity shop during a clearout. I think I need my head read!

I'll take a proper look through the list after work. With regard to the 'Generic' one on Amazon, that's one of the ones I tried. Note the appearance, and then look at the others under 'compare with similar items'. I had one of the Tonors as well. Pretty much identical apart from the logo. My experience is that they're as shoddy as can be, and I strongly suspect that they're all made by the same company masquerading as multiple companies. The reviews look genuine enough (they don't sound like literal translations from Mandarin into English), but all I can say is that they don't match my own experience.

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