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any mouse fans? mars on

any mouse on mars fans?


flx Wrote:Video for first single:

Von Sudenfed (Marc E. Smith & Mouse on Mars) - Fledermaus Can't Get It

The video is definitely special Lol

I find the track not very convincing, though. Very reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem.

esb Wrote:i have not really kept up on them since Iaora Tahiti.
can you suggest which newer ones to start with? if
they have kept the quality i would like to purchase
them all.

quite the quality pair.

Been checking that album ("Iaora Tahiti") today - great stuff !

Also - "Vulvaland" is excellent

and got pretty much all of "Autoditacker"

thanks to EMusic.

actually went about researching what albums I needed by these guys about a year ago after first coming across them on Donal Dineens "No Disco" show on Irish TV in the mid-nineties.

Unfortunately, I bought Varcharz on the blind and that kinda put me off for awhie, until today. These guys are serious !!

right, now listenin' to "Papa, Antoine" (from Iaora Tahiti) - so great Lovesmilie

Oh yeah,

forgot to say,

got a handy download of alot of their EP's on :

"Rost Pocks The EP Collection"

it came out on CD too around 2003 - lots of good stuff once again !

idiology is my fave and 'doit' the special pick off it

these guys rock in a clicky fashion
beats are there to be broken

One of the Mouse on Mars guys produced together with Oval under the name Microstoria. I think you guys would like their stuff. Oval is also worth checking out, pioneer of the glitch sound.
Mind over Matter. Knowledge over Money.

Marvel Cinema Wrote:One of the Mouse on Mars guys produced together with Oval under the name Microstoria. I think you guys would like their stuff. Oval is also worth checking out, pioneer of the glitch sound.

will check those out !

thanks Wink

microstoria are indeed fun

vulvaland vinyl has been pulled out for good reason...

elli im wunderland still has the best skank riddim

esb Wrote:vulvaland vinyl has been pulled out for good reason...

dreadful title though :P

seen 'em live a couple of times. good show Xyxthumbs

Just been listening to "Schlecktron" from the Iaora Tahiti album

(sorry only a very short clip - and there's only a crappy remix on YouTube)

but this version Lovesmilie

adist Wrote:seen 'em live a couple of times. good show Xyxthumbs

saw them once in cologne (their hometown) and it was actually really "wild" Smile
great live band Yes

catching up on some bits as of late.

Noisemachinetapes - Acid Deceit, October 2015

[Image: a1741335573_10.jpg]


'Polaroyced' from 2012 is still an absolute electrobomb of a track. That's the best MOM I heard. 'Parastrophics' LP.

I am a fan as well. They had an album out in fall/autumn 2014 as well - hadn't had the time to listen to it yet, tho
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"..Throughout the month of April 2016, in conjunction with the release of his new album Felder, Jan St. Werner (of Mouse on Mars) and a curated group of artists and performers were offering unique, individual interpretations of the album.

“Felder” means “fields” in German, referring here to “unstable territories, radiation, musical situations without distinct boundaries happening simultaneously but not necessarily synced.” It was possible to interpret Felder without using any of the original material. The rework could be played by a brass band or read as a story. It could also be a collaborative performance or an electronic playback piece for a radio station or a sound installation in a gallery or someone’s living room. Whether the installation was about sound, light or words was up to the invited artists..."

Felder Interventions featured:
A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Paul McDewitt
Kevin Schmidt
Olivia Block
Jan St. Werner
Stefan Streich
Ensemble neoN
Kid Millions
Frank Dommert
Andy Graydon
Satoshi Okamoto
Daniel Wohl
Paul Collins
Tom Gluibizzi
Jeremy Bible
Katarina Miljkovic with Chris Watford & Aaron Likness

'Fetzen 1-20", Jan St. Werner collab with Michael Rauter of Kaleidoskop orchestra



Jan St. Werner appointed new professor for Interactive Media at Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Germany - May, 2017


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