LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards

Is this any good? When it came out I read reviews here and there slagging it off but sometimes I come across real people who seem to like it.


it's total pap Thumbd

statto Wrote:it's total pap Thumbd

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its not quite the GLO standard in terms of bpm and sound but its deffo a piece worth picking up


Hmm.. maybe I'll download it first then, to check it out.

Get it on vinyl, it's really high class production in terms of sound engineering.
But I can understand why Statto says it's total pap and why it isn't 'GLO standard' or at least that was the 2000 standard which will be better than the forthcoming GLO revival I have strong doubts about.
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amazing album

Van Glorious Wrote:amazing album

are you Bukem? Teef

fanu Wrote:
Van Glorious Wrote:amazing album

are you Bukem? Teef

I aint bum licking.. its a good album

Journey Inwards
Rhodes to Freedom
Point of View
Inner Guidance
Close to The Source

All quality tracks, and the rest of the album isnt too shabby either

statto Wrote:it's total pap Thumbd


not even comparing it to glo before 2000...its just medicore full stop.

very coffee table like but serves a purpose for those who r easily intimidated by fullon/harder strands of jungle.
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Chuck D

Pretty average. The only good tunes on this are "Journey Inwards" and "Our World". The others are good but just not my thing. It moves away from the more electronic based sounds and he incorporates more live instruments and it's hardly dnb speed at all. I guess he just wanted to make something more appealing to outsiders from dnb.
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didn't half of it come out on the fold-out double packs GLO used to do - nos 1 & 7 i think

im really into atmospheric, i love rhodes to freedom, watercolours, and several others that are on the cd, as well as the cello solo edit which finds its way into the following song...but there are parts of the album that i dont dig.
sunrain on cd didnt do it for me, but you know how you get to see a piece of vinyl going around a turntable, and you realllllly feel the tune, as it is revolving around at 33? sunrain was meant to be on vinyl, as are most of these tunes. although not the clubbish tunes that rhodes and watercolours are (clubbish in the atmospheric sense of 2000) the album as a whole works. if you've never sat out on a 90 degree day with lemonade and burbon, talking shit with your boy or laying up in the cut with your woman and havent had this album playing, then i suggest you revise your summer schedule. its not the most introspective album ever, but thats not always the most important...

Van Glorious Wrote:Point of View
love that track along with Our World, love the quirky beats on those two

classic imo

wicked album, suspended space is one of my favourite bukem tracks Lovesmilie

Sumo Wrote:wicked album, suspended space is one of my favourite bukem tracks Lovesmilie

good track
but that came from the previous ep
before bukem got all bland with the session musicians

watercolours is a wicked tune man.... hate to admit it.....

but bukem was going up his arse by then though......

Seeing the new improved "happy Blame" on Friday at MOS reminded me of that!! Hahaha

i acctually listneed to this over the weekend as the weather was real nice, its a very sunny album imo :d
real high standard of production, true that not all the trakcs are dnb but whats wrong with that?
close to the source and suspended in space are my 2 favs off of it... real nice atmospheric/minimal little rollers :d

i give two big thumbs up, go and buy it! Xyxthumbs Xyxthumbs

Just had another listen to this album, it is a good album, though IMO not a great album.

The production is high quality, some good instrumentation and atmospheres, but the breaks are too basic.

Suspended space is probably the best tune on there, close to the source and watercolours are good tunes too.

Overall IMO still a worthy album.

Im a real person, and i like it very much.
Its on Spotify now.

"Undress Your Mind"...what a tune. The meds done something gd to my brain.

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